Cat C7 Code 164 2 Cat C7 Code 164 2I have a Cat C7 in a 2004 freightliner. mathura said: Cat 3126 engine fails to start. 7 AND DOESNT MOVE THANK YOU GERARDO. today the truck died and lost total power. You have already replaced the most common items that cause codes 164-2 and 164-11. The 164-2 means the Injection Actuation Pressure is erratic and the 164-11 means you have an Injection Actuation Pressure System fault. These codes are fairly common on C7 engines. Thread Tools All times are GMT -6. Working on a Caterpillar 3126 (eng# *****). Freight-liner C7 Cat 2007 CLASS M2 I have a engine code critical active 164, FMI 11, CODE 39 11 COUNT INJECTION ACTUATION PRESSURE SYSTEM FAULT PID 94 FMI 1 11 COUNT PLEASE ADVISE TEST, PART, OR PROCE …. Diagnostic Code Information for Caterpillar ® Electronic Control{1901, 1927, 1948, 3168, 4348, 4802, 4808, 4810, 5511, 5701, 7490, 7494, 7601, 7602, 7610, 7610, 7610} Media …. The channel for communication happens on this low speed protocol. Close suggestions /Búsqueda básica Page 2 of 5. 1 generator sets are available with a choice of emissions levels. Suspect Parameter Number (SPN) and Failure Mode Indicator (FMI) full code list. The engine will start, idle and increase RPM at idle but when the transmission is shifted into drive or reverse the engine will not …. With CAT ET im only reading 300 lbs of actuation pressure. Flash Code 55 signals that no detected . Secondary Throttle Position Sensor. I have a CAT C7 that is showing fault codes 2-11, 3-11 and 4-11 active. 2003 peterbuilt with 3126 has code pid 164 fmi 2 and fmi 11 and code pid 42 fmi 11 cranks time to start - Answered by a verified Technician. Have a Cat 3126/C7 in a 2004 Ford f650 super duty flatbed tow…. Fault: FMI 1 The voltage on contact EB7 of the engine block from the level sensor is less than 45% of the battery voltage. Cat Man, I have a C7 ESN:SAP10990 that will crank and run great sometime and sometimes it won't crank at all. Diagnostic Fault/Flash Codes for C7 Industrial Engine. 26247 Prima Way, Santa Clarita, CA 91350. CAT C7 Specs and Engine History - Capital Reman Exchange C7 cat with codes 164-11 and 164-2 new injectors cat brand CAT Fault codes Cat C7 Acert, Cranks but no start. List of CAT3126 engine fault codes and flash codes for engine malfunctions and their modifications. Smart Remote Actuator 2; Temperature Fault. I have code 41-11 and code 164-2. also flashes abs light 7 times then one time. Q&A: Freightliner Fault Code 164. 2007 Tiffin Phaeton Motorhome CAT c7. 164-02 164-02 Injection Actuation Pressure Signal Erratic 15 164-03 164-03 Injection Actuation Pressure Voltage High 164-04 164-04 InjectionActuation Fault Code cat c15. 31% will be displayed next to the status for the "Injection Actuation Current" on Caterpillar. Caterpillar 3126, C7 codes Page 31 EPA 2010 Products: J1939 Fault Codes Retrieving J1939 fault codes HDX/EFX Page 36 Retrieving J1939 fault codes C2 Page 39 164=BHM PID# or SID# Fail # =failure mode identifier parameter identifier or subsystem identifier 4. Cat® Parts Lookup by Serial Number. Please reply back if you need more help. The truck stop replaced the fuel filter, but this didn't resolve the problem. 2 (439 CID) The problem that aim having it cut off but it starts again so i change the fuel filters and cleaned the fuel ta Getting a code 164-2 (Injection actuation pressure signal erratic). Have CAT C7 with 30 micron and 2 micron filters, both of which I changed. Truck died and was towed to us. CID 718-FMI 2 Xmsn Not Responding. I then replaced the sensor with the OEM Cat part and o-ring, which was easy going through the bedroom floor. 2000 freightliner with a Caterpillar 3126. I have code on dish that is no abs with h 164. Stop test and engine shuts down. Use the “DIAGNOSTIC” Lamp or Caterpillar Electronic Technician (ET) in order to determine the diagnostic fault code. Have a C7, engine # WAX00274, In a 2006 GMC C7500. Verify this code is change injector. Under all conditions (start up, slow/fast idle, driving), it is showing about 25psi on the dash, and 1. Customer complains that truck goes into limp mode and light comes on. Cat engine code 164 2006 freightliner with cat c7 engine wax42534. Cat Man, I have a CAT C7 engine that is getting fuel into…. cat C7 serial number wax80113 engine code 164. valve crack got into pistons and all the way threw turbo. I have a C7 CAT with a flashing Service Engine Soon light. 1 also has three phase ratings of …. I own an 85 Jayco Mini class-c, but Girlfriends rig is broke presently. I have a 164-2 and 70-5 code in a Caterpillar 3126. Always post Year, Make, Model, Engine and Trans type for vehicles. Please help me with these codes 231. Heui Pump Failure: Symptoms, Troubleshooting & Solutions. Vehicle speed derated to 45mph. C7 300-350 hp @ 2400 rpm 860 lb-ft @ 1440 rpm Peak Torque. Hi I have a 2007 Ford F750 Cat C7 code is SPN 84 FMI 1 can't find any diagrams to check from transmission to engine wire harness Have a c7 cat with fault codes 164 and 42. Don't forget the Water Separator! This informative 90 second video explains the vital function of the Water Separator "under the hood" of your Cat® Wheel Loa. C7 Cat in a blue bird with codes 3245-3 3242-3 3246-33249-3 3241-3 and 520193-3 what do you think? … read more. pedal 162 Sensor Steering Wheel The steering angle sensor 163 rotation 164 Pressure Sensor inclusion nozzles 167 Sensor charging voltage of the alternator 168 Electric system 171 of the ambient air temperature sensor 172 temperature. Cat 3126 B won't start ****HELP***. Q&A: Troubleshooting CAT C7 (3126) Digger Derrick. 08 FORF F750 CAT C7 CODE 3246 FMI16 ALCO CHECKED IN ATA PROTOCALL HAD 320 FMI11, ALSI HAD ACTIVE CODE FOR … read more. goes into derate, usually. WAS WORKING WITH CAT MAN A FEW DAYS AGO ON A CAT C-7 INJECTION PRESSURE ISSUE--- CODE 164-11 COMES ON WHILE DRIVING---LOW POWER IN SHOP WITH CAT ET--INJ CONTROL IS AT 99% BUT ONLY HAVE 850 PSI …. I have a c7 engine that is giving me the following flash codes 1-5, 2-5, 3-9, 1-7, 1-5, 2-1, 3-2. Cat Engine Code 164 3 (2022). all power an gn to 70 pin conncetor, no check - Answered by a verified Technician 06 CAT C7 has a code 164-2 126 occurrences No speed signal No start New Heui Pump No injector leaks No voltage at the injectors What do you recommend?. 247-11 code active on cat c7 brake switches test normal wiring seems ok 2007 CAT C7. Our product line includes liquid level sensors, pulse width modulated pressure sensors, active speed sensors, high accuracy speed timing sensors, position sensors, and temperature sensors. 20 minute codes 42-11 164-11 replace solenoid and actuator pressure …. Maintenance Interval Schedule (G3600 Engines That UseWellhead or Natural Gas andHave a Compression Ratio of9. 164-11 is the only one that pops up active , others are logged. pdf - Free download as PDF File (. CAT Tractor Fault Codes SPN. cat c7 truck engine runs rough at idle ony has erratic iap, has heui pump with internal regulator. Customer reply replied 2 years ago. Status flags: no engine speed and cold mode. Cat® sensor offerings include:. l change the injectors cup on c7 and l get code 6h 164 sid 022 the truck is freightliner m2 they roan whit starter fluid but if l turn off they not roan again at. Once its running codes 164-2 … read more. I have a 2007 ford f650 with a c7 cat motor that flash code. Code 164-11 (39) is defined as an Injection Actuation Pressure System fault. Browse Caterpillar parts manuals and diagrams. 84-1 vehicle speed loss of signal 31 …. So far HEUI pump has - Answered by a verified Mechanic We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. 108-04 Barometric Pressure voltage low. The level sensor may be faulty. I have changed the IAP sensor and still with et my actual IAP …. We had a could oil leaks that we fixed. Check for Associated Diagnostic CodesA. a little squirt ether does the trick 05 FREIGHT LINE M2 WITH C7 CAT ENGINE TROBLE CODE DETECTED 164-11 INJECTION PRESSURE SYSTE FAULT(39). In that scenario, the first thing that I would do is install a hydraulic pressure gauge into the high pressure oil circuit to verify that actual . Peterbilt Speedometer Problems: Q&A on 2005 Peterbilt 379. bh 164 means you have a active bulkhead module fault. I HAVE A CATERPILLAR C7 ENGINE WITH A CODE 164-11 AND TRUCK WILL NOT ACCELRATE CORRECTLY HAS A STRONG MISS LIKE …. similar to pressure ECM expects. When pulling hills check eng light comes on , lift off and it goes way. (03-05-2016, 03:29 AM)gray87 Wrote: 2004 Kenworth T300 CATERPILLAR C-7 ADEM A4/ACERT EPA04. Good afternoon i have a cat C7 cranks and doesnt start. There is an active diagnostic code for an injector solenoid. Its a 2011 with 2500 hrs on it. CID 1440-FMI 7 Throttle Not Qualified. Conditions which generate this code: This Code Is Telling You That Your Injectors Cool Themselves Via: Up to 15% cash back 2006 freightliner with cat c7 engine wax42534. Videos of Cat C7 Code 164 2. I have a 2005 Chevy C7500 with a Cat C7 ACERT engine number KAL49218. C7 CAT WAX27579 bus would not start, only sputter hooked CAT ET and got inactive codes 164-0 and 164-2 Tried to crank to get injection pressure, bus fired right up but ran rough got active fault codes Hi i have a 2005 Freight liner Business Class M2 Caterpillar C7 Diesel L6, 7. Sep 16, 2020 — Cat c7 misfire; Cat c7 misfire without codes; Cat c7 bad injector symptoms; Cat c7 injector problems; Cat c15 bad injector symptoms; C15 cat Jan 30, 2018 — 2005 Bounder 37U Cat C7 Injector knock Oct 22, 2013 · 5. My activation pressure was extremely high on the engine monitor prior to changing this out. All Power Systems; Address, City and State OR Country and Postal Code. Click to view featured projects. To test a high pressure 5000 psi gauge is needed to connect to the outlet of the HEUI pump. Q&A: How to Clear Engine Light Code 164 FMI?. I' hi i got a freightliner with a cat engine we remove the original c7 cat and replaced it with a 3126E IM using the same computer from the c7 but cranks but wont start do i have to replrogram the comput. New actuation pressure sensor and new engine harness from ecm to sensors. hope this is the right way, any how here it goes. Free Tractor Service Manual PDF, Fault Codes DTC. Results: The observed engine speed is below 100 rpm. This fault can cause the other 164 faults. This code is telling you that your injectors cool themselves via: 148 rows this is the complete list of caterpillar fault codes. Here We offer an experiance of a lifetime with every unit backed by a 1 Year warranty. The truck will drive normally, then the speed of the engine will drop to 45 mph and won't go. comCat C7 Engine Speed Sensor Engine Timing Gp Speed Sensor for 2454630 245-4630 …. Sometimes it takes 2 restarts, but once it clears, it won't happen again. I am currently working on a ford truck with a cat c7 engine. Enter your Cat machine or engine serial number to lookup and buy the parts you need. Filters have been replaced multiple times, fuel pressure sensor was replaced at one time, and I just replaced the fuel transfer pump. The ECM has three levels of response to events: Warning (1) – This condition represents a serious problem with engine operation. The “Copy Configuration” utility on Cat ET copies the injector trim files between two engine control modules. Q&A: 84 Code, C10 Dash, CPAP 84. Conditions Which Generate This Code: Repair: The GSC+P may have ; Page 141KENR8601 141 Troubleshooting Section Repair: The GSC+P may have failed. Includes fault codes for all CAT …. 5 RE2501 - 05 Intake preheating relay, open circuit. 07 freightliner m2 with 3126 cat code 164-082-6. I have a cat c7 see no kal13416 with codes 164. Under medium to high load engine will derate (Loose. Budget Activity Code : M - Maintenance of Equipment Budget Activity Code : N - Training (FMS 1200 System Only) Budget Activity Code : N - Training (MAP 1000 System Only). Driver still complains of derating sometimes severely so. We took it to CAT repair shop and the codes are reading 164-11 and 164-2. Cat C7 Accert engine fault code spn-fmi pia pid 102 102 102 2 14 14 active number of events active active 17 what does - Answered by a verified Technician. I'm working on a 2000 GMC 6500 with a Cat 3126 E. Replaced wiring harness on engine and …. Engine diagnostics show a PID 164, Injection Control Pressure, High voltage. Ask Your Own Medium and Heavy Trucks Question. keyswitch in the ON position and the engine off. Still missing and smoking … read more Cat Man Cat Engine Expert Vocational, Technical or Tra 10,345 satisfied customers. The cat engines are new for me. Tested pressures calling for 1400 recieve 380 psi. Connect the Cat ® Electronic Technician (ET) to the service tool connector. If it was me I'd be checking with cat ET, the bluefire might be pulling the wrong pid/spn. The C7 engine has two sensors: one under the HEUI pump and one on the driver’s side of the engine. 3660-5 Engine Injector Cylinder #2 Actuator #2 : Current Below Normal. event code of 164-11 lnjector Actuation Pressure fault. Code 26 is defined as a faukty with the barometric pressure sensor circuit. ECU128 is the engine ECU, ABS136 is the ABS. Auto Mechanics 1&2/diesel 6,062 satisfied customers. 2 (439 CID) The problem that aim having it cut off but it starts again so i change the fuel filters and cleaned the fuel ta. Hello I have a 2006 Freightliner with a C7 Acert Cat. (1) If the engine starts, check for active codes. FMI 2 – Data Erratic FMI 8 – Abnormal Frequency FMI 9 – Abnormal Update Rate FMI 13 – Out Of Calibration FMI 19 – ECU internal fail. 2005 c7 has trouble code 164-11 and 164-2 have checked the basics, this engine has 6 new injectors, it originally had a very dirty fuel filter, sent injectors out to be …. gauge will read 2000 to 3000 pressure, but laptop display will read 1450 and diag will also display. 2 Industrial Diesel Engines deliver impressive performance throughout a wide speed range with exceptional power density. My injection pressure is staying right at 271. I have a cat engine 3126b SN# 8yl14775 AR# 179. CAT C13, C15, and C18 Tier 4 Final Engine Fault Codes. When I do an actuation test, the actual pressure at high idle … read more Page 27/41. Cat® Fluid Carrying Straight Adapter, Plated Steel, -8 ORFS to BSPP. Under all conditions (start up, slow/fast idle, driving), it is showing about 25psi on …. C7 cat with codes 164-11 and 164-2 new injectors cat brand I have a 2006 c7 with a code of 164-2 and 164-11 we have Diagnostic Code Information for Caterpillar Electronic Cat C7 Acert, Cranks but no start. Cat C7, engine light comes on intermittently, followed by…">Cat C7, engine light comes on intermittently, followed by…. Have a cat C7 serial number wax80113 engine code 164-0. Whenever the Electronic Control Module ( ECM ) detects an active fault or condition the lamp will flash at five second intervals. This fault code means you have an injection actuation pressure fault. I did a dead head…">I have a Cat C7 that seems low on power. It is located on the drivers side of the engine bolted to the back if the front cover. that could be a SID in stead of 51D i guess Fault-2: 6H 164; 51d 074; fail 04 Fault-3: ECU-128 PID-102; Fail 03; Fault-3 Diag 3 Can someone Please walk me through these and send me link to the whole C7 code list. The Cat M322 plays its part in optimizing the operator’s efficiency to increase cash flow. 100-3320 A B 155-2269 2 1 189-9114 ABC B A 118-8429 58 48 40 32 24 14 1 70 57 47 39 31 23 13 064-02 34 Secondary Engine Speed loss of …. Find your Cat model by using this serial number prefix guide to easily identifyyour engine. 2 Defence Engine 205-276 kW (275-370 hp) 1166-1267 Nm (860-934 lb-ft) Shown with optional equipment diagnostics codes and data Electronic self-diagnostics Customer selectable, re-programmable operational parameters: - 2-speed fast idle capabilities CAT, CATERPILLAR, their respective logos, as well as …. 3126 cranks no start code 42-11 Hook up ET tool only getting 259 psi From pump desired said 1100 New heui pump from cat …. The A wire to the sensor should be a constant 5 volts DC and the B wire is the ground. CID 700-FMI 2 Gear Signal Abnormal. Have 2007 Kenworth with a 330hp C7 Cat and it has a pid/sid code of 164-injection control pressure and fmi 2-Data erratic, Cat c7 starts good when cold, runs good for a few minutes then misses badly. Of course as you know, the 164-2 is indicating an erratic HEUI pressure and the 164-11 is defined as the system is malfunctioning and not making the HEUI pressure that the ECM desires. (Only 3000 miles since Oil Change)\ Looking through other threads I also replaced the IAP sensor. 3126 cranks no start code 42-11 Hook up ET tool only getting. Cat Engine Code 164 2006 Freightliner With Cat C7 Engine Wax42534. c7 cat with codes 164-11 and 164-2 new injectors cat brand ,. C7 Industrial Engine Diagnostic Fault Code List. Have 2007 Kenworth with a 330hp C7 Cat and it has a pid/sid code of 164-injection control pressure and fmi 2 …. 7 and doesnt move thank you gerardo. I have a 2007 Freightliner M2. Repair: Refer to Troubleshooting, “Engines Cranks But Does Not. Have 2007 Kenworth with a 330hp C7 Cat and it has a pid/sid code of 164-injection control pressure and fmi 2-Data erratic, i have a 2004 chevy kodiak with the c7 and im having codes 164-11,164-2,164-0 and the truck goes in a default mode which only lets it run about 50 mph. the problem is in the sensor, wiring to the ECM, or the ECM. 164 cat doesn't know what it means and also Freightliner so I'm at a loss. It's the same service manual used by dealers that guaranteed to be fully functional and intact without any missing page. Code 270 cable computerized monitoring system (CMS) 271 Sound the alarm. Replaced wiring harness on engine and injectors. Had all six injectors replaced … read more. Code 164-2 is defined as an erratic signal from the injection actuation pressure sensor. 1 Marine Propulsion Engine, Commercial Duty, “C” Rated, EPA Tier 3, Keel Cooling with Expansion Tank, 24V Electric Starter, 24V / 100A Alternator, 24V Glow Plugs, See More Details. I'd like to ask a few questions first to better help me understand your situation. EXHIBITS LOW POWER AND ERATIC IDLE REPLACED SENSOR SAME PROBLEM,IDLE HAS 5. I am working on a cat 3126 8yl79188. 2004 freightliner m2 with a cat c7. INJECTOR O,RINGS & HUEI PUMP HAS BEEN CHANGED ALREADY - Answered by a verified Technician. Q&A: Clearing CAT C7 Engine Codes & Troubleshooting. I need a Cat Truck expert for 2007 Freighliner HW66881 6442…. The Caterpillar C7 engine is an line 6 cylinder diesel fueled engine with a displacement of 7. de The 3512E marine propulsion engine is now available in a wide range of ratings that meet U. Also has a flashing ABS light, but I'm more concerned with the engine codes right now. Once I did this the error code went away, and the coach ran fine. The 164-2 is defined as an injection actuation pressure signal erratic. requires programming has not been programmed. I get a Engine light, and according to Silverleaf VMSpc diagnostics, the fault code is 164-2. J1939 Code and Description CDL Code and Description 486-3 Engine Fan Reverse Switch : Voltage Above Normal 486-4 Engine Fan Reverse Switch : Voltage Below Normal 544-2 Engine Cooling Fan Speed Sensor : Erratic, Intermittent, or Incorrect 544-8 Engine Cooling Fan Speed Sensor : Abnormal Frequency, Pulse Width, or Period 1076-5. The output voltage of the sensor will generate an event code. C7 and C9 Industrial Engines Troubleshooting – Injector Solenoid. Freightliner BH 164 Error Code: Troubleshooting and Solutions. There are 3 things that can cause this code. If I had to guess, I'd say that your thomas pressure sensor has failed, and your bluefire isn't reading correctly. C7 Cat in a blue bird with codes 3245-3 3242-3 3246-33249-3. 2005 Chevrolet c8500 with a c7 cat. I have Freightliner M2 106 with a Cat C7 engine. I HAVE A 2005 FREIGHTLINER M2 WITH A CAT C7. This code indicates the ECM is not seeing the correct Injection Actuation Pressure. I have a 2002 f750 with a 3126e cat ser #ckm35557, have had. First, over a year ago, all dash lights and instrumentation including speedo just stopped working. Access the full suite of Cat applications with your account. Will a failed pump sometimes …. c7 cat coolant lose no sign of leak no smoke lost about 2 gal of coolant in about 200 miles cooling sys builds about 10 psi within 5 min at idle no sign … read more. Tech Tip #226: Caterpillar to Perkins Cross Reference. Has 2 codes for each inj #3 thru #6. I have changed the IAP sensor and still with et my actual IAP is 400-600psi high than my desired iap. 164-2 is defined as an injection actuation pressure erratic. Please help me with these codes 231-11 164-3 253-14 105-4 ESN HEP44337 CAT 3126 - Answered by a verified Technician. You MUST have a Nexiq 2 to connect to the bus (according to the supplier). Diagnostic Code Information for Caterpillar ® Electronic Control{1901, 1927, 1948, 3168, 4348, 4802, 4808, 4810, 5511, 5701, 7490, 7494, 7601, 7602, 7610, 7610, 7610} Media Number -REHS0126-21 Publication Date -01/02/2013 Date Updated -01/02/2013 i05245806 Diagnostic Code Information for Caterpillar ® Electronic. make sure you replaced the correct sensor with the correct part. This diagnostic is typically Fuel Rail Pressure Drift High. Now it runs rough all the time at idle. We have a cat C7 engine on our RV. Mr Cat Man my engine is c9n01038 is code actif is 653-7. When I do an actuation test, the actual pressure at high idle. Have a engine code 190 FMI 11 “primary engine speed no pattern”. note wth mil on mpa stuck at 17. EPA Tier 4 Final, EU Stage V emission standards. (2) In this area, the oil temperature above 107 °C (225 °F) is higher than normal. At that point the engine … read more. Ensure that all safety information, warnings,and instructions are read and understood beforeany operation or any maintenance proceduresare performed. System Parameters (56) SMCS Code: 1901-038. getting injection actuation pressure system 164-fmi 11-flash code 39 and 164 fmi 2 …. Cat C7 Engine Fault Codes (PDF). Cat® Fuel Water Separators provide the best protection for your critical fuel system. Hello, I have a Cat C7 in a 2004 freightliner. Aside from some leaking IAPV sensors and the 3126's OE crimped HEUI line (use the metal replacement #240-0717), the electronic 6's have been pretty decent. |Auxillary Pump/Screen Box, No Tape, 2. Flash Code 12 – Low Coolant Level: This code indicates that the engine’s coolant level is low and needs to be topped up. 2 Alternator3 Voltages 480V 480V Motor starting capability @ 30% Voltage Dip 387 skVA 387 skVA Frame Size LC5014D LC5014D Excitation Self Excited Self Excited Temperature Rise 105°C 105°C WEIGHTS …. I have a 2007 Freightliner bus with a Cat C7. Let it set and cool off and it …. bh 164 sid 380 fail 11 and sid 022 fail 07. In short this means that the injectors are activated by High Pressure Engine oil. I HAVE ONLY PUT ON THE COMPUTER SO FAR. Truck came in with active codes Pid 164 …. Diagnostic Codes: Cerrar SIS. Engine speed is good but usung cat ET, the fuel pressure does not match the desired fuel press. Caterpillar Code 164-11 Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Psp Iso.