Harry Potter Fanfiction Harry And Andromeda Time Travel Harry Potter Fanfiction Harry And Andromeda Time TravelThe Mysteries of Magic by collinsworth. Parent tags (more general): Andromeda Black Tonks; Harry Potter; Harry Potter - J. Deadly Belladonna: Dark like this fic but time travel and two Harry's and not this version of Andromeda . Together, the two women closest to the fallen Bellatrix Lestrange, recall memories of their sister before she became the possibly darkest witch of all times. Forcing a smile on his handsome face, Sirius made to slip away when Fred, George and Ginny's chant started up again, even louder now. Time and Transdimensional Travels. Not ANOTHER Time Travel Fic? Chapter 1: Prologue, a harry potter …. The moment Harry Potter turns sixteen he comes into more than he expected. Follow him on his adventure of finding a new school, new friends, and more importantly finding his real family. Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter and am not affiliated with Bloomsbury or Scholastic Inc. Tonks was skilled and powerful but Bella was deadly. Ted Tonks, however, was a Muggle-born wizard and he married a pure-blood witch, Andromeda Black (for which Andromeda was disowned from her family), with whom he had one child, Nymphadora Tonks. The two stones were now merged into one, and it read: James Potter, 27 March 1960 – 31 October 1981, Lily Potter, 30 January 1960 – 31 October 1981. Characters: Harry – Kreacher – Dobby – Petunia. Lily's Gone Chapter 3: Wonderment, a harry potter fanfic. 1 day ago · Harry Potter will go on a journey to find the taste that he is looking for, and the magic that exists in meals made and meals shared. Dorea Potter neé Black is a very proud woman and witch, but she never thought marrying a Potter, Charlus was a handsome and intelligent man, but this was not what attracted her, but his heart. After things have gone terribly in the war, Harry and Hermione decide to travel back in time to stop the war from happening. I’m looking for your favourite complete/updating Harry time travel stories featuring Harry going back to his own timeline or to the first war only. They didn't have as much time nowadays, especially with Harry being an Auror, but they had lunch together like this a few times each week and that was enough for Hermione. If Harry goes back in time and gets together with young Andromeda, you're either prematurely ending a canonically strong romance, or maybe even stopping Tonks from being born. But they knew he would come to Hogwarts. Their souls bound together by the Old Gods; their union both blessed and cursed. However, his short and painful life has taught him that no one is safe around Harry Potter. Harry somehow gets sent to 1981. Snape has always had an agenda and that agenda has never been Voldemort's, nor has been Dumbledore's. The three sisters grew up in a pure-blood household. Harry Potter - Rated: K - English - Romance/Adventure - Chapters: 1 - Words: 2,000 - Reviews: 59 - Favs: 171 - Follows: 180 - Published: May 16, 2008 - Harry P. When they wake up, Harry is eleven. Broken and defeated, the War long since lost, Harry enacts his final desperate gambit: Travel back in time to the day of the Third Task, destroy all of Voldemort's horcruxes and prevent the Dark Lord's resurrection…all within the space of twelve hours. Never To Be, a harry potter fanfic. ago AppoApples (formerly JacobApples) on Fanfiction. Humanity has been slowly expanding across space, and has just encountered the citadel races. Ginny’s brothers Fred and George inspired her to think this! 14. After dying they get a do over, sent back to their 11 year old selves. The second time, she refuses to open it at all. Best MoD!Harry fanfics? : r/HPfanfiction. She finds herself caught in their deadly. Finally, he would take on Rudy Lestrange to win Bellatrix. A True Daughter of the Black Chapter 1, a harry potter fanfic. Does anyone happen to have a link? I just love the story to bits. LF Time Travel fic, Slytherin!Harry, Marauders Era : r/HPSlashFic …. Finding a Place to Call Home by TheGirlWithFarTooManyIdeas. After losing his friends and family to the war, Harry travels back in time to his fourteen year old self's body and tries to change the outcome of the Triwizard Tournament. In the last twenty four hours, Draco Malfoy's life was flipped upside down. Ships: Harry/Hermione, Sirius/Amelia. He's a metamorphmagus, as you've probably noticed". It was a sunny afternoon when Harry Potter headed home. Yet for Harry Potter the end is just the beginning. Andromeda Tonks is tired of watching her daughter chase after men she feels are nothing but trouble. A hopefully different time travel story. Harry time travel fics to the 1940s. Mainly, he reviewed his defence books, but he also dabbled in charms and transfiguration. Time Travel! A Harry raises himself fic. Posing as students, Harry catches the eye of the Head Boy, Tom Riddle, who is nothing like the Voldemort of the future. There she meets Maxwell Cullen who seems to be a vegetarian vampire. Fall Into Blackness Chapter 1: Andromeda Stands, a harry potter fanfic. This story is actually completed and the sequel is out. Harriet Potter, a young witch who had faced numerous trials and tribulations in her journey, stood in front of the ruins of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. The Wonderful World of Time Travel. Set hundreds of years after the Deep Dream series. belittled and abused by her relatives she hadn't counted on finding a home at Hogwarts, and a family along the way. Fleur had finally had enough of Ginny, and more to the point, of the Weasley family's refusal to challenge her. Andromeda Tonks takes an interest in the well being of her third cousin Harry Potter and seeks to make sure there's someone to take care of him, …. It doesn't take place at Hogwarts and by the time we meet Harry he has mastered some crazy esoteric magic. Remus leapt flatfooted across the two-metre space to carry Fenrir to the ground. Not every Slytherin ends up in the Snake Pit. Harry travels to a different/parallel universe and meets his parents. Harry was still sitting in the rocking chair, cradling Teddy in one arm. Thirteen Death Eaters fall, and Voldemort vanishes. In the beginning, her father was not pleased with her choice of pure-blood wizard, of course, like the rest of her family. Favorite HP Time Travel Fic? : r/HPfanfiction. Harry Potter was a young man, 18 years old. He had left early in order to surprise his girlfriend of 4 years and was anxiously running his hand over a velvet box in his pocket. One tiny change makes all the difference in the world. To Date a Metamorph By: Just a Lonely Lorekeeper. As anyone who is familiar with Harry Potter knows, one of the most tragic losses in the Second Wizarding War and the Battle of Hogwarts was the death of married couple Nymphadora Tonks and Remus Lupin. Six years of fighting follow that costly choice. Andromeda took a look at the cover. Ginny Weasley, much like her boyfriend, learned much from Andromeda, perhaps even more than he had. 5 FanfictionBot • Bot issues? PM /u/tusing • 5 yr. James found Lily standing in the doorway to the nursery watching the children sleep. What We Lost Chapter 13: Left Behind, a harry potter fanfic. The goblins of Gringotts dispose of a nasty little artifact discovered in a certain vault. Tonks was the surname of a family that was originally made up of Muggles. It was very chilly outside, which left one to wonder why Harry was wearing only blue jeans and an old, well-worn tee shirt that said, 'Will kill for food'. Looking for stories where Harry travels to an alternate. The Order of the Phoenix is shocked, good thing Sirius …. Andromeda lost almost everything in the Second Wizarding War. Harry Potter: God of Gods Chapter 1: Nightmares and Old. Chapter 15: The talk with the Elves went well. As the door closed behind Hermione she heard an excited voice from the kitchen. Too late he finds out the child he took was a Malfoy. Turning Leaves by Kbrick is a time travel and f*ck it all up fic. However, Harry Potter is still the main character of the story that becomes the primary figure of …. Fifth year, a few weeks before OWLs. Glass Silence Chapter 1, a harry potter fanfic. It was when they were heading to Hogwarts to destroy the last Horcrux that he received the biggest shock of his life. [Current running time: 07:35:15, Chapters 14/109] Language:. Somehow they had been there, in a time even before the two of you had been born. But their memories remain forever. "Hello, I'm Remus Lupin and this is Harry. Harry Time Travels Back To The Past. With help from unexpected places, Harry starts on a journey to end the war, and reshape the wizarding world. Harry would have grown up with Tonks as a sister! Also Harry and Andromeda aren't related. His own body is back at the same age again as well. "Filth! Muggle scum!" Other Death Eaters surrounded her and cast their own spells. He learns more at Daekiams than he did at Hogwarts. But that second was all Lupin needed. Finally Home by CassieMarie2015 reviews. Draco Malfoy/Harry Potter. A Brand New Start by Fairywm reviews. And so, Harry had drained his core into the rune network and provided all of the power needed to send Severus' soul back. Hermione really loved spending her lunch break with Harry. Most pairings welcome! During the battle in the Department of Mysteries things go very wrong. Harrison Rue Potter is the unwanted Potter child sent to live with his muggle relatives. A Little Comfort, a harry potter fanfic. Now, Voldemort has taken over the Ministry of Magic, and the situation looks more and more hopeless every day. Future Harry Potter|Blake Slytherin. Worse, he's not the first Harry Potter they've called on this way. My list of Harry Travels back in Time fics. Creator: ChuchiOtaku Series Begun: 2021-01-23 Series Updated: 2021-01-23 Stats: Words: 177,265 Works: 1 Complete: No Bookmarks: 35. Oh, and the rest of the soul attached to it, too. He sighed and gave Hermione a one armed hug. Nobody is allowed to lay a finger on her. This is AU, but will follow canon, somewhat. Walsh absent-mindedly stirred the spoon in the fresh cup of tea that sat at his side as he translated a text that …. A faint glint of a past woman; her sister falling. But her victory wasn't the end - her struggles continued long afterward. turncoat: in defense of andromeda tonks nee black. Harry Potter | Luna Lovegood | Adventure Fanfiction Time Travel Death Eaters Hogwarts Lord Death Lord Of Death Suicidal Harry. In a desperate twist, a fusion of nuclear detonations and the manipulation of time-turners shatter reality, catapulting Harry into an uncharted realm. But it's a one time thing; Smut scene almost every chapter; Summary. During the flash they had saw the other's lives and now knew everything about each other. Lone Traveler: Professor of Defense by Dunuelos. Summary: What happens when Harry Potter at age 29 is transported back in time with his family by a meddling phoenix? Well, when four of his kids are …. Cried Harry as he Shot gallons of his baby maker into Molly's womb and she also exploded on Harry's cock. He obviously swoops in and kills them saving the girl before taking her to his home to heal her. Games, Harem, MA, Archive of Our Own, Multi-Chapter NonCon, Manipulation, Mass Effect, Mind Control, …. What he did not predict however, was becoming attached to the boy. Most people hated her for being a Black. Fic recs on Harry Potter and Teddy Time Travel : r/HPfanfiction. He knew others found it strange, but Harry really could hear Hedwig's thoughts. She’s determined that this will be a new start for her …. Starts summer after fifth year. Naturally, things don't work out the way he intended. Harry had been found like this many times by the other occupants of the house, with silent tears. Set before the breakout from Azkaban in OOTP. The young wizard is thrown into a world where magic and wizardry don't exist but instead, superheroes and abilities that are dubbed quirks do. Only fics featuring Harry and Luna (usually, though not always as a couple) in a prominent role will be included in here, and this community won't feature Multi or Harem fics. The baby, in turn, was cradling a small stuffed wolf to his chest. It took about a week before it hit Kingsley that all his plans had failed. When Hermione gets pregnant, she knows that Harry will insist on marrying her, thus exposing their relationship that was kind of an open secret at the time. His ambition was put to and end, yet briefly, for the events of the past are bound to happen again as the ages come and ago. " She whispered, "We have to get it back to Harry, he's the head auror. The muggles shuddered on the floor and screamed from …. The Mirror of Erised fulfills an eleven-year-old Harry Potter's desire in the strangest of ways. It was a truth of the universe: Harry Potter must mess up the end of each school year. At least the firewhiskey still tastes the same. A Blast Into the Past & the Next Generation by gdahs reviews. The Fates of the MCU have written for Harry Potter to die during a failed Obscurial Transformation. Strange Visitors From Another Century Chapter 1: An. Harry Potter died from his relatives neglect when he was five years old. Not in pain or discomfort, but in pleasure. Hagrid shook himself, a little …. When harry lifted his arms to return the embrace, Harper sagged leting go of all his worries and fears, with just one phrase repeating in his mind, "He's here. Harry Potter and the Future's Past by DriftWood1965 - The day after the Battle of Hogwarts, the Goddess of Love provides Harry and Hermione the chance to go back in time. Found in the Ashes, a harry potter fanfic. between 1951 and 1955), was an English pure-blood witch and the middle daughter of Cygnus and Druella Black (née Rosier), as well as the middle sister of Bellatrix and Narcissa. She peeked around the doorway and smiled. Bill gave him a sad smile as Charlie waved. Both had promised to send word whenever it was over. Teddy reached out and stole Harry's glasses, throwing them onto the floor. Uncommonly Kind, In Vastly Different Ways. The furniture was black, the floor was black, nearly everything was black. A badly timed wish, a mysterious mirror and Harriet Potter's knack for trouble equal one unexpected trip to the pastnaturally. Time Travel, You Say? Chapter 1, a harry potter fanfic. Star Light, Star Bright by gaia-of-earth reviews. However, Harry Potter is still the …. As the title suggests, these are the best time- travel fics and they read fics i could find. But somewhere in the darkness, love begins to grow once more. After James, Al, Lily, Rose, Hugo and Teddy accidently break a time-turner, they are transported to Harry's 5th year. This hadn't seemed like a big deal to Harry before his trip had begun. There is a fanfic called Paralells - it is an OP harry fanfiction where Lily is alive (have no idea how to link). Harrys Relief chapter 1, a harry potter fanfic. She gets up and quickly turns to see he was still sleeping. JUST ANOTHER TIME TRAVEL STORY: A HARRY POTTER FANFIC. Founder: Lady Andromeda Black - Stories: 46 - Followers: 0 - id: 56929. Oh God Not Again! by Sarah1281. Harry had learned of his opponents. "Maybe you should try to get along with Malfoy a little more," Harry says after a minute or two of content silence. A mysterious item and mischievous Marauders end up accidentally shoving Remus Lupin into another time and place where he has to rebuild his life from scratch, deal with the aftermath of a war he hadn't yet been a part of, all with the help of new friends and a special young witch. Adult Harry and Hermione jump back in time to the Halloween the Potters were killed and baby Harry became an orphan. But even in the contrary case, Lord Liam McLaggen and Andromeda Tonks would. " Harry greeted and returned the hug. 6 6 comments Best crusher_bob • 2 yr. Despite the title, this is NOT a Dr. ” *Harry and Teddy accidentally time travel to 1979, where they are immediately captured by Voldemort at his prime. You should expect lots of fluff, feels, and lemons, as well as a lovely, unexpected twist at the end. She knew he could since he is the most famous person in the wizarding world. So, she sat down besides him and felt a bit bad for scooting away from him, only doing it because of the. LF Harry Potter time travel but into someone elses body/mind rather. When Harry discovers a small box in his vault during his first visit to Gringotts, he is hoping for a memento of his parents. Except for the walls: these were bone white. He wore black robs with a blue trim. "Andy, I know love is blind and all that mushy crap, but the boy trips over his own feet. A Tale Of Two Lillies by DylantheRabbit. - Words: 17,873 - Favs: 4 - Follows: 2 - Published: Jul 13, 2020 - Status: Complete - id. James and Lily have been desperately searching for her since that day. I have read the big five in Delenda Est, Wind Shear, Wastelands of Time, Backwards with a Purpose and To Shape and Change so please do not recommend them. Nineteen-year-old Harry James Potter, Boy Who Lived, Saviour of the Wizarding World, Man Who Conquered, Order of Merlin First Class, and various other titles and aliases, was sat in his former headmaster's office, stumped as to why he wanted to see him, with all his belongings in a trunk. Harry and Luna find a broken Time Turner that has been wrecked by the FiendFire that occured in the Room of Requirement. Sirius was first mentioned briefly in Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone as a wizard who lent Rubeus Hagrid a flying motorbike shortly …. 6K 80 On the eve of his seventeenth birthday Harry misreads an ancient spell that hurdles him through time and …. The 188-chapter story has taken over the internet and spawned a fandom of its own. Harry Potter and the Betrothal Contract by James Spookie. "Harry, let Teddy down and wash up. Love was the reason she and her husband felt compelled to become allies of the Order in the Second Wizarding War. Don't tend to like harems (they're …. It was the first time they would get a glimpse of the boy, the defeater of the dark lord, the one that had saved them from hard times. Sometime through his slumber, he awoke to the sound of something sizzling in the kitchen. Snape nodded over at Dumbledore, before turning away again. He was frowning at her, and she glared at him. Think Stepping back and Delenda Est also feature alive Potters, but that might not count since it is time travel (In Stepping back he is friends with them, and in Delenda Est they are also featured quite a bit, not the major focus of either story tho). Hermione and Ron hadn't been seen for days and since they decided to tell everyone what was going on in a letter, their friends and family at Hogwarts had no idea that they had done a runner. It Runs In The Family By: Ghostwriter71. But getting to give a kid the childhood he needs? An avid fanfiction reader falls into the Harry Potter Universe just before the Triwizard Tournament, and has to come to. #harry potter time travel on Tumblr. The Philosopher's Stone Retransmuted by Regulus. Andromeda Tonks (born Andromeda Black) is a character in Harry Potter. Fighting despair and a heavy sense of isolation, he pens a note to his kindest acquaintance, Luna Lovegood. When a tip from Malfoy leads Harry, Ron, and Hermione into an ambush, however, Harry’s Master of Death power awakens and sends him—and Malfoy—to the time of Dolohov’s first murder in 1978. The import was completed in May 2017. Hogwarts was the battleground for the Death Eaters and the Order of the Phoenix and as both Voldemort and Harry Potter were at the school; both Nymphadora and Remus had gone to fight. 7 year old Harry Potter wishes he was anyplace other than the Dursleys with all his parents' stuff and with family. Includes time travel, dark!Harry, Founders Era, Slytherin Harry, second …. Wizarding Politics (Harry Potter) In another world, Harry Potter was spared. 51 Best Harry Potter Fan Fiction Stories. A response to Gabriel Herrol's "Boulderdash" Challenge. Time travel sucks, alternate dimensions suck, and trying to raise young wizards without getting yourself killed and accidentally letting the bad guys win really sucks. Harry Potter has become the Master of Death. His inevitable defeat does not leave him dead and buried, but stranded in a strange world ruled by Dumbledore, Grindelwald, and their greater good. It Runs In The Family Chapter 1: An Attack And A Wedding, a harry. Hermione cried looking at Harry. They had been told he was hidden somewhere safe, somewhere that he could grow up to be a normal boy. Beside him, most of the order gasped, even as they felt part of their magic drain. She has nothing left, all those who loved her gone, and Hermione has never felt more lost in the world of the Dark Lord. At the mere age of six-years-old she was poised and graceful, extraordinarily intelligent, and was strong-willed as befitted a member of The Noble and Most Ancient House of Black. After a freak magical occurrence triggered by Voldemort's defeat, twenty year old Harry finds himself transported into another world right on top of his female counterpart, Iris Potter, aged 14. Landing in a somersault that took him beside Narcissa Andromeda didn't even have time to utter a spell before the platinum-capped tip of Harry's ill-gotten Black wand tapped under her chin. The Sentinel: Episode 1 The Phantom Shadow Chapter 1, a. Tonks in time Chapter 1, a harry potter fanfic. M for sex, violence and mentions of abuse. A carefully collated selection of the best Harry Potter fanfiction out [Author description: Story includes time-travel, Slytherins that . But at the same time, I really resent the way he also treated Harry. They would vibrate out of their skin from happiness. does anyone know the name of that harry potter fanfic when harry goes back in time to the beginning of the books and remembers everything but instead of trying . His hair was a tasteful lime green, his skin flushed red with babyhood. Harry nodded gratefully and gave a two-finger salute in appreciation. If you want to join the community of . Lily and Severus are traveling to a 1991 that is exactly how it was in canon. The only time Harry had seen Sirius smile that freely and openly was when he looked at old pictures of Sirius's, Remus's and his parents years at Hogwarts. This is Nymphadora "Dora" Tonks, and this her file more commonly known as Tonks, is a British half-blood witch and a Metamorphmagus. Teddy Lupin hated when 'Aunt' Ginny was home. " Harry nodded, taking all of this in. Stages of Hope by kayly silverstorm. Then she turned to the wall of hour-glasses and repeated the process. Harry Potter is now 18 years old, and is in for a trip of a lifetime. Nymphadora Tonks, or Tonks as she prefers to be called, is a Metamorphmagus Auror and member of the Order of the Phoenix. By the time Andromeda's mother met Tom Riddle, it was after the last time Annie would ever see her. When Regulus is eleven, he meets Harry Potter, the only recently turned up, distant cousin of James Potter. Severus Snape Has a Sibling. Harry reaches out and grabs two handfuls of raven hair. May sound cheesy, but a different approach. This is perhaps the largest fanfiction community in the world, and with good reason. Nymphadora turned out to be a Metamorphmagus. Not Another Time Travel Story Chapter 1: The Betrayal, a harry potter. Thus, like her sister Bellatrix, she. Perhaps Death truly was the beginning. Unconscious, Harry didn't notice the horrified looks of the Great Hall as McGonagall levitated him. That's what Andromeda Black had been told her entire life. net | Category: Harry Potter Time traveller Harry Potter x Albus Dumbledore- yes I know it sounds weird, but trust me on this. On Harry's 21st birthday, the final battle finally takes place, but Voldemort still has an ace up his sleeve to finally get rid of Harry - he sends Harry and his friends to the past and now it is up to them to find a way home and defeat Voldemort. Nine layers of Hell By: fvdv123. Since Harry was so drunk, he stumbled over himself and fell to the floor, not bothering to get himself up. A new family Chapter 1, a harry potter fanfic. An aged Dark Lord Harry Potter sends his soul and that of his most loyal friend back in time to prevent multiple tragedies. Andromeda hated, hated, that she was afraid to take a shower alone. " Andromeda handed it back to him and reminded him to be careful. Harry has just found out that she's supposed to sacrifice herself to destroy the horcrux inside her. When his best friend and roommate, Ron Weasley, who is getting a degree in combat to be eligible for the Auror Academy, falls ill, Harry steps in to help him complete the final interview he has been assigned to in the school paper, The Fortnightly. He's sent to his Death's office (explained later) and finds out that this isn't the first time that this has happened. What does Teddy Lupin have that James, Albus and Lily don't have that people absolutely have to give him to Harry and Ginny and leave Andromeda empty-handed. There was still snow on the ground, but the sun was out and it was warm, only -1 Celsius. I'd assume you could wayback them. Well, lets say Harry seeks a Partner to get over the crisis he gets through and she offers this. Harry, Hermione, and Ron are transfered back in time when the train stops. LF a Harry/Narcissa or Harry/Andromeda or Harry/Bellatrix fic : r/HPfanfiction Updated:2022-02 …. The Disorder of the Phoenix by JacobApples. But he got no further than the threshold of the kitchen door when –. There was a woman standing by the table – she was tall, with pale skin and flyaway chocolate-brown hair. Dropping into the lap of a young Newt Scamander was the last way she had expected her day to end but Harry soon learns that maybe fate intervened. They looked quite sexy walking around wearing only bikinis. Harry and Hermione meet the Goddess of Love, and she offers to let them go back in time. What will happen when Fawkes the Phoenix pulls this happy, war-weary family back in time for a chance at a better future. Harry travels back in time and gets with Lily when she's still in. LF Harry travels back in time to teach himself/raise himself, or is. He arrives in a galaxy far far away, a very long time ago on the estate of Garm Bel-Iblis who wishes he still had his family. They were so engrossed with each other, they didn't notice that they bumped into the wall and something came crashing to the floor emitting a white light and then dying out. What will the Potters do when they come calling and want him back. Latest Chapter on 10/14/2023 features Tina Greer from Smallville. Taking an aging potion was Fred and George Weasley's backup plan for getting past Dumbledore's age line in GoF. Andromeda pressed her full lips to his ear. Follow them as they redo their years at Hogwarts, starting from First year and work to make a difference in the wizarding world. All four were sound asleep, with a cute snore coming from Teddy's form. Susanna snorted and rolled her eyes, reaching over to the seat beside her and picking up a chocolate frog. Slowly closing her eyes, she tries to focus on the heat of the sun beating against her back. Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings. Now, he was a very powerful wizard. He'd lived here ever since his grandmother had died when he was three. Harry jumped when the door was flung open and the pink-haired girl from the pictures walked into the room. Harry stood up, shifting Teddy to a more comfortable position as he did so, attempting to remove Teddy's hand from Harry's moleskin. He didn't think he would find himself with a baby in his arms on his Aunt's front doorstep on the night his parents were killed but that was just the beginning. The horny couple practically flew up the stairs. Today, I would like some recommendations of Harry Potter travelling in Time. Next we have Earl Cyrus Greengrass, Head of the Noble and Most. The Wizard from Earth by Morta's Priest Harry stranded in …. LF fics where Ted and Andromeda raise Harry or Harry and. It's been done, but here's my shot at the old Marriage Contract type story. LF Harry/Andromeda : r/HPfanfiction. All four mauderers piled on to of each other scrambling to get of each other. She knew that she used to be a Potter, that her Lily-mum and her James-dad loved her very much, that her mums had been good friends, and that her ‘Dromeda-mum and Ted-dad had taken her after her parents had died. It was simple, but pleasant, the wall decorated with shiny animals. Harry Potter and Future's Past by DriftWood1965 reviews. (1 week later) "You know I am so proud" Sirius said as he looked at Harry using his brand new owl who he dubbed Hedwig and was messaging Hermione a lot. defended Andromeda, barely able to keep an indignant face. Harry's mouth clicked shut as he got his first look at her nude body. After a rocky start, the two groups start to co-exist. For the first time, her sister looked defeated and had a faint hint of a crestfallen expression. 18 Sep 2023 Major Character Death Rape/Non-Con Graphic Depictions Of Violence Hermione Granger/Remus Lupin Hermione Granger/Ron Weasley Hermione Granger/Nott Sr. Harry Potter and the Time Travellers by Lorelai McQueen reviews. " After a minute or so, both Dylan and Beka, cleared their throats, before demanding an explanation. Ted had been taking very good care of her. Laughing All the Way to London by JacobApples. The first time Harry visits Andromeda after the very last funeral, she slams the door in his face. El trío de Oro viaja al pasado y se arma una locura. Her curiosity guides her to a suspicious necklace she had seen in a book once. Andromeda Tonks Chapter 1: Pureblood Ball, a harry potter fanfic. Little does he know that the process would involve him being de-aged to his pre-teens. Work Search: tip: hetalia f/f sort:kudos Actions. Bellatrix stabed her wand to the muggle family lying on the floor. Harry Potter and Tom Riddle are the focus of this story, and their dynamic is a very interesting one. Tonks is an Auror and a member of the Order of the Phoenix. Harry Potter and The Wastelands of Time. A sense of tranquility seemed to take over and this was the time that Walsh found he could always get the most work done. In the beginning, the hunt went as expected. Getting sick of living in a world where every part of his life is controlled Harry decides that it is better to change everything you know and start over again. Criteria, Please be Harry focused if not have him as the protag. Draco Mal When Voldemort hits Harry with the killing curse the night of the Hogwarts battle, a choice will present itself for young Harry to make. It decides to take matters into its own hands, taking advantage of several obscure rules to sort students where the Hat wants them, not where heredity or their own desires want them to be. I was hoping to talk to Andromeda. " At Andromeda's face he quickly explained. Harry Potter & Sirius Black & Remus Lupin; Ron Weasley; Harry Potter; Hermione Granger; Neville …. For Harry Potter, third in command of the Andromeda Ascent, Master of the Hallows, Boy-Who-Lived, was still awake and aware even though the Andromeda was caught in the black hole's gravitational. Neville arrived, looking quite confused by the gathering in this strange room. If they are time travelers than Harry Potter makes sense as his godfather but I . It seemed the universe hated Severus Snape. He was tall and had a muscular build. They thought they were all destroyed, and are curious to see if it still works. When Unspeakable Harry Potter wakes up in 1976, he determines he's either A: In the past. The three teens had decided to retire to Potter Manor. net | Category: Harry Potter | Rated: Fiction M Harry was rather content with his life, but when his lover, Andromeda finds a way to rewrite the war, well, let's just say that the Dark Lord was not expecting to deal with two Harry Potter's and the loss of his favourite lieutenant. It's also my first attempt at . Tragedy in Harry's Second Year Chapter 7, a harry potter fanfic. AU, follows canon up until Battle for Hogwarts. "Wow Molly that smells amazing I need to taste it" he then proceeds to start to kiss and lick her pussy. The Present is a Point Just Passed by mortenavida Ginny, Harry, Hermione, Luna, Neville, and Ron all end up far in the past (Luna is the furthest back at 500 AD) linkao3(535173). And make a right pain out of himself for Voldemort and anyone else who wants to get in the way. After a disastrous battle in the Department of Mysteries that claims her life Harriet Potter is sent back in time to prevent the second rise of Voldemort. There they meet the Founders of Hogwarts, who are not at all pleased about what has happened to …. Harry Potter stands alone amidst the chaos. Trans Female Harry Potter. Harry now was taller, more filled out, with auburn hair, green eyes, and a feminine bone structure. I apologize for not mentioning this earlier. Harry looked at Dumbledore for a second before turning away and following Director Bones. That Harry Potter was the Gryffindor heir was not something "Has not the young son of Baron Brickenden come to town to visit you, Olivia?" Olivia grimaced in disgust, "He is horrible, grandfather, and he Harry Potter sir not eats in a long time. Hearing Andromeda giggle in reply Harry blushes as he stands exposed to their gaze, behind them he sees the witch who served them watching on from the counter, a wide grin on her face as she stares at Harry's body. a person or thing that achieves unexpected success after an initial period of obscurity3. The fear that Tonks was feeling was for her son. And the fifth time, after he knocks and knocks until his knuckles threaten to bruise, she whips open the door with a molten glare and drags him into the living room. Teddy and Andromeda time travel to 1995, when an accident gives him the chance to get to know a distant "Well, back in 1978, me and James Potter also had a little time travel accident. The Dursley's had all seemed to have gone mute, after being threatened by Moody and the rest, as nobody said a word for the first half an hour of their journey. I am once again asking you for your Harry and Andromeda recommendations. Thirty-Four year old Harry Potter travels back in time, adopting the name of. Then, Andromeda sat down, her cold eyes still watching Remus. Hermione runs into blood prejudice the summer before her first year and decides to play the blood purists for fools. Redo/do over stories as well as other time travel fics. *slightly edited 2018/10/14* I started writing the fic post OotP but pre HBP. " Arcturus handed his great-grandchild a necklace, "if you need to, activate this portkey, it will take you to Andromeda, she has been reinstated to the family, your mother and Narcissa were banished, take care Harrison, I will return for you someday. They danced clumsily, Parvati leading. ” —Ginny Weasley, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. (Scorpius Malfoy/ Albus Potter, Harry Potter/ Ginny Weasley, Ron Weasley/ Hermione Granger, Fred Weasley/Angelina Johnson, Percy Weasley/Audrey Hilton, Bill Weasley/ Fluer Delacour, Remus Lupin/ Nymphadora Tonks, Teddy Lupin/ Victoir Weasley) Everyone was celebrating the outcome of Harry's hearing …. Contractual Invalidation by R-dude. Almost as if nature wanted to give the two old men in the office one last good day together. She's still in Dumbledore's office when she finds a strange artifact. "We don't have to talk," Andromeda said. 'I still haven't found what I'm looking for' and 'Browncoat, Green Eyes' are two personal favourites. Your question IMO is more of time travel type 4 where only an older Harry travels back in time into his younger body. Time Travel Updated on 10 January 2017 NEW!!! Means new to the list, not necessarily a new fic… Most of these are Harry that travels backward / or forward in time but one or two has another character traveling through time to right a wrong. Harry Potter the Mutant Obscurus Gamer by GnomeBob reviews. Killed by Voldemort without so much as raising his wand. Weasley and Dumbledore bashing – time travel story that's hopefully …. So this is when they are 12 and are. Harry waved a last time to his friends and the members of the order that stood in the station and followed the Dursley's out to their car. After a fight for his soul, the death dimension eventually spits him and Voldemort out into an unknown realm. She wasn't sure if it was the narrow space or the pounding water, but the feeling of isolation was all encompassing. In October 2016, it was announced that TQP FICTION would be moving to the Archive of Our Own as an Open Doors Project. To Date a Metamorph Chapter 2: Chap 2: Constant Vigilance, a harry. "Just remember, the time turner will know when it is time to return. Things go well at first, until Harry Potter - Rated: T - English - Adventure - Chapters: 32 - Words: 112,111 - Reviews: 3336 - Favs: 5,709 - Follows: 3,418 - Updated: 10/14/2010 - Published: 2/8/2008 - [Harry P. The horror and wonders to last her a lifetime. Voldemort was waiting for them in Hogsmeade. Harry Potter/Andromeda Black Tonks; Sirius Black/Hermione Granger/Remus Lupin; Summary. Zaterra02's fanfic, completely rewritten to improve grammar, language, and clarity. Neglected by his family, intelligence constantly underestimated, his placement in Slytherin house is a shock. Voldemort was back and no one believed Harry, the boy who lied as they now called him. There's so much to learn about when there's a lifetime he hasn't lived. Lily woke up to feel a hand on her breast squeezing it gently. The accidental activation of Bella's treasured heirloom results in another chance for Harry. Waking with a groan Harry slowly opened his eyes, his room had changed in the last two weeks there was now a pair of dressers against the wall, he also had new decor throughout the house, a lot of his cheap furniture being returned to the tent (Replaced by much nicer furniture Andromeda picked …. Disowning him was their worst possible mistake. I love me some time travel, but most of what I have read has Harry going back in time into his own body at some point in his childhood. But give Harry time, and he's likely to find something that's even worse. On a field assignment for her training Tonks finds a unusual partner and friend while in the field and maybe a even someone more. James formally adopts Dora though she goes by Nymphadora Tonks-Potter. There was a woman dressed in a white flowing dress and floating in the air surrounded by an ethereal looking light. The fever had yet to break, and he was hot to the touch. Harry stands up to Dumbledore fics. The corridor was tilted, and there. "Now I'm concerned" Andromeda said as she looked at him. A series of oneshots featuring Harry Potter and the women/girls of his world. LF a fic where Harry straight. Harry Potter with multiple girls. This is a bit of an (AU) so be warned very occ characters Ships in it Wolfstar RemusxTonks (but tonks dies in the battle) Scorbus Teddy x my Oc. Numbness; that was all that Harry Potter felt. Dark Lord Voldemort, who had crowned himself King when the war had …. They are more likely referring to "Harry Potter and the Flames of the Phoenix" by Charbo2576 where all three Potters survive that night but all three believe the other two to be dead. They were made to show off the goods. Sunday, September 1st, 1991 -- Early Morning In her bedroom in the quaint two-story house in Southall England, Padma Patil awoke with a whimper and moan. Featured in the official Wattpad @Fanfic Harry Potter Fanfiction reading list!. The very first student he meets is a blond Slytherin named Draco Malfoy.