Sony X90k Vs Hisense U8h Sony X90k Vs Hisense U8hI mostly watch Netflix and Youtube in my living room, which is not very dark. I live a few hours from the nearest best buy and the stores within reasonable distance only sell the main 3, so I was trying to avoid any possible issues with returning if necessary. And if you’re a sports fan the X85K offers good motion-handling capabilities that provide smooth and blur. The A65K looks better in dark rooms thanks to its significantly higher contrast ratio and better …. I was in the same boat as u in march, but went with Samsung due to reliability concerns with the Hisense. Here’s what you can expect to pay for the different sizes in each model series. Just buy a tcl 6 series, q7 or qm8, depending on your budget. It was 85 inch compared to the LG C2 77". Prices start at $1,100 for a 55-inch screen size, though that model is currently being sold for as low as $700 in the US, or £999 in the UK. Hisense U8H or TCL 6 Series/R655. However, if you want something to use in a bright room, the LG is the better choice, and it also has better overall gaming performance if you're a …. Featuring a Mini LED upgrade paired with Hisense’s ULED technology and Quantum Dot, the U8H delivers vibrant colors, impressive contrast, and its trademark bright picture for a fantastic HDR experience. Sony X90J vs Hisense U8G • tvfindr. The Sony and LG are similarly priced, but I can get the Vizio for $100 cheaper. The Sony is available in several sizes, from 50 to 75 inches, but the TCL is only available in an 85 inch size. After spending hours reading the sub, leaning towards the Sony for better processing, colours but a little sceptical of its ability to work in a bright room. The Best TVs of 2022 | TVs for every budget. The Hisense A6/A65K is significantly better than its predecessor, the Hisense A6H. 1 inputs, allowing you to play higher frame rate games than the S546. I'm on my mission to pick which one to go with. Gosh darnit, IDIOT! I meant to compare X90K to X95J. Apr 28, 2023: Added the LG B2 OLED as the 'Best Mid-Range TV' to match the structure of other articles, and renamed the Hisense U8H as the 'Best Lower Mid-Range TV'; updated Notable Mentions based on changes. If you're a gamer, the X90K is a better choice, as …. E xclusive ULED technologies; 75 inch 4K Ultra HD BRAVIA XR X90K Series Full Array LED TV HT-A3000 Dolby Atmos Soundbar; TCL 6 Series, Hisense UH8, and Sony X90J are the best Hisense alternatives with high-quality images. It was cutting other brands $2800 tvs i am NOT kidding. Costco] Hisense U88H Series 55" ($997. TCL 6-Series vs Hisense U8H: Which midrange TV is best? TCL 5-Series (2022) vs Hisense U6H: Which TV under $500 is best? LG C2 vs Sony A80K: Which midrange OLED reigns supreme? Sony A95K vs Samsung S95B: Which QD-OLED is best? What are the best TV brands? LG G2 vs Sony A95K: Which OLED comes out on top?. It also has a faster response time and wider viewing angles, making it a better option for video games and sports. In my side-by-side comparison I found the Hisense. I’ve definitely looked at Rtings. I have a TCL 5 from 2018 and its around 298 nits of brightness. so as the title says, is there a HUGE difference between buying now and waiting for new models in spring or for super bowl sales? i have a surprise ps5 that needs a new tv. Sony At Their Best! X95K vs Hisense U8G. Their only downfall is typical Hisense bugs, terrible algorithms and poor motion. The Sony is also a lot brighter, especially in HDR, and it has better gradient handling. "In a TV market with fantastic high-end TV and budget models that provide good value, the X90K sits in between and doesn't provide much extra against other TVs like the LG QNED85 or the Hisense U8H". best projectors & tvs comparison online. The Sony X90K is a higher-end TV than the Sony X85K and is better overall. We've tested top-tier OLED and QLED TVs from Hisense. The Hisense also has better black uniformity, much better reflection handling, and it can display a wider color gamut. 75": Sony x90k or TCL Series 6? : r/4kTV. Do you guys know if the angle of the TV will affect the blacks? Sony X90K vs HiSense U8H. The main strength of the S95B is that it uses a QD-OLED panel to display perfect blacks and much brighter and more vivid colors than the QN90B, which makes the S95B the better choice for watching content in dark rooms. The U7G also has better overall picture quality, mainly thanks to its higher …. The Hisense 65” U8H is a hell of a TV for under $1000. The U8K has slightly better contrast and gets slightly brighter, but it's hard to notice. Compare The Hisense U8G and the Sony X90K/X90CK are great TVs with a few differences. 02/16/2023: We've posted the two-month results for the other 28 TVs. Here’s how the pricing currently shakes out: 55-inch (Hisense 55U8H), MSRP $699. It understands how the human eye focuses, cross analysing images to give real life depth, extraordinary contrast and beautifully vivid. 11 Updated Oct 04, 2023 04:44 PM Searching Finding store Tested using Methodology v1. QN90A is best for a bright room. The Sony has better black uniformity, a better local dimming feature, better gray uniformity, and it's more accurate out of the box. it seems the 55 is lower quality than the 65 and the 75 is an entire different tv almost. Hey guys just wanna get some actual input here on these 2 tvs. For hisense, they have significantly better local dimming, brightness and do better in rooms with reflecrions. I am currently looking at a 55" Hisense U8H or the U7H, a QNED85, and a Sony X75k, X80K, and if I can find it under $700, am X90K. 1 slot if you connect a receiver, so you can't connect multiple HDMI 2. Best budget 4k 120hz tv as of now? : r/XboxSeriesX. So far I've been looking at the Sony X90K ($999. On the other hand, some people might …. The Samsung Q80/Q80T QLED and the TCL 6 Series/R646 2021 QLED are both great. I have a Xbox Series X that I'm wanting to use with one of these tvs as well. I eventually saw the Hisense U8H at Best Buy sitting next to the Sony X90K and the …. TCL 6-Series 65-inch 4K HDR Roku TV. Hi Sense offers a competitive price point and a bright set, it will look pretty good in 4k. A Short Review of the NEW HISENSE U8H Gaming/Movie DIAMOND in the Rough !! For the Price it’s Hard to Beat!!!Links: https://www. The LG has a near-infinite contrast ratio, resulting in deep inky blacks in a dark room with no distracting blooming around bright objects. The Hisense has a better contrast ratio, gets brighter, has much better reflection handling, and has a quicker response time. The X90K, as well as last years X90J, support these features on the HDMI 2. 4k 60hz with VRR is the way to go and Hisense does it best. Cant say enough how phenomenal this tv is. Updated Sep 15, 2022: Updated our The Sony X95K is a higher-end version of the Sony X90K/X90CK, so it has better overall performance. You can't go wrong, no mistakes can be made. The top of our best 4K TVs list gets a shake-up this month with the addition of the Samsung S90C QD-OLED TV. The Hisense also has a composite input, great if you have an older video game console. The Hisense H9G is somewhat better overall than the Sony X900H. All the reviews I’ve read have them both pretty close overall, just looking for personal experiences of anybody that owns either tv and plays ps5 on them. 2ms, and the TCL was the champ at 10. The Sony also gets much brighter, so even though they both have decent reflection handling, it's a better …. Sony X95K vs Hisense U8HCamera: Sony A7IVTV Stand - BDI Corridor 8173 Low Profile | Charcoal Stained AshBDI: https://www. I am in the similar boat deciding between 65 inch Sony X90K and samsung q80b from Costco. The Hisense also has much better dark room performance thanks to its Mini LED backlight, which delivers much higher contrast than the Vizio, with significantly less blooming around. The 4 Best Hisense TVs of 2023 Reviews and Smart Features. Our review unit is a 65-inch model that we received on loan from Sony. Any other size, I would definitely pick the Hisense. Which IS Better? Sony X90K or Hisense U8H *Subscribe to the channel. 11 Updated Oct 04, 2023 04:40 PM Searching Finding store Resolution …. For your purposes, Hisense U8H can't do 4k120 properly (it's reported that it skips lines, so it's 2160 i) so that will affect your PS5 gaming. Sony X900H vs Hisense U7G Side. Question 5 - Return this U8H and get a new not open box U8H or for $100 more get a Sony XK90. However, if you want to spend a bit less, the X90K is also a great choice …. International-Oil377 • 20 days ago. I am currently thinking between the Sony x90k and Samsung QN90b. Compare Hisense U8/U8K vs Sony X90L/X90CL Side-by-Side Comparison Products Hisense U8/U8K Sony X90L/X90CL Tested using Methodology v1. Sony's 65" OLED TV has dropped down to $1298 at Wamart for Cyber Monday. Sony XR-65X95J / Sony HT-A5000. X90K or UH8 for ps5 gaming : r/4kTV. The Hisense is brighter than the Sony with much better reflection handling, so it looks better in a bright room. ago Hisense 100 day trial More posts you may like r/DataHoarder Join • 7 days ago Movie downloading addiction? 92 85. us/TWuA8FWatch More Sony X90K Videos https://. The X950H is a higher-end TV that delivers better picture quality as it gets slightly brighter and has better reflection handling, so visibility isn't an issue in a bright room, and it performs better in dark rooms as it delivers deeper blacks in real content. The Hisense U8/U8H is significantly better than the LG QNED80. Sony X90J vs Vizio P Series Quantum 2021 Side. Local time 7:28 PM aedt 16 October 2023 Membership 917,276 registered members 8,169 visited in past 24 hrs 685 members online now 1,302 guests visiting now. The Samsung is also better than the Sony if you want to use your TV as a PC monitor, as the Sony can't output chroma 4:4:4 properly with 4k @ …. com: Customer reviews: Hisense 75U8H QLED Series …. I love mine now that I got all the settings right. Sony 75" Class BRAVIA XR X90K 4K HDR Full Array LED Google TV XR75X90K - Best Buy. us/mSRO946 Sony Hisense U8H VS Sony X90K | Sony, product, Hisense | * Purchase Products In This Video Sony XR-55X90K https://geni. Still, they each have decent local dimming features and very good …. Use it mostly for gaming and it is replacing a 3 year old Samsung with terrible invert ghosting. i've been looking around for a bit and have seen the htbuyingguides info so i understand now doesn't seem to be the BEST time, but if it's not a gigantic difference i don't mind eating …. The 90K would be most similar to your 950H but the 95K is it’s director seccessor. The Samsung RU7300 is the replacement for the Samsung NU7300, and there are no significant differences between the two. Hisense 65" U7K ULED Mini-LED Google Smart TV. Response time is the time it takes for a pixel to change from one color to the next. The LG C2 OLED is a higher-end TV than the LG A2 OLED and has better performance and features. Sony X90K vs Sony X85K Side-by-Side TV Comparison The Sony X90K is a higher-end TV than the Sony X85K and is better overall. The TCL 6 Series/R646 2021 QLED and the Sony X90J are both great TVs. Samsung QN90B vs Sony X90K (+ Hisense thoughts) I stopped by Best Buy fulling expecting to just take a glance at the Hisense U8H to confirm I like the picture and buy it. U8 is like the Aussie excusive bargain. The U8H is now compatible with the Wifi 6e router protocol. Compare Hisense U8/U8H vs Samsung QN90B QLED Side-by-Side Comparison Products Hisense U8/U8H Samsung QN90B QLED Tested using Methodology v1. Does anyone have insight on which would be. According to Google: “ULEDs use similar technology as typical LED/LCDs, but with updated local dimming zones and motion smoothing. The U8H also delivers a better gaming experience, as it has a significantly faster panel with much less ghosting behind fast-moving objects. The U8H has a more effective local dimming feature, significantly increasing contrast with local dimming enabled. While the Sony is better overall for gaming due to its faster …. We'll compare features, performance, and price to see which TV is. The idea that the K is worse than the J is based on early firmware comparisons and reviews. The Hisense u8 has been out of stock for a while, Sony X90k vs Hisense U8H. 65-inch (Hisense 65U8H), MSRP $999. The Sony has the edge in response time, upscaling, and HDR gradient handling, although the Hisense also has. The Sony has much more accurate colors, handles gradients a lot better, and has a lower input lag. The local dimming performs better overall on the Sony than the Vizio, but the 65 inch Vizio still has a higher native contrast. me/ciwCpqrlq5lBest Buy 55-inch ︎ https://howl. The Hisense has a better local dimming feature, as blacks aren't raised as much in dark scenes and there's significantly less blooming, as the local dimming feature on the Hisense dims closer to bright objects in dark scenes, whereas the TCL tends to spread the highlights out. Vizio OLED 2020 Review (OLED55. Some issues I've read is that it's not true 4k at. It was d ORIGINAL Hisense —-Tv value Lottory where it started ALL the crazy Hisense storm. Ive seen the U8H is better in the brightness, color, and settings department. That model is roulette if you don't want to spend an extra $1k on the Sony A95K. Finally, the TCL is better for gaming thanks to its higher …. Samsung S90C OLED LG C3 OLED Hisense U8/U8K LG C2 OLED Hisense U8/U8H Samsung QN90C/QN90CD QLED Samsung CU7000/CU7000D Sony …. 11 Updated Oct 04, 2023 04:46 PM Searching Finding store Tested using Methodology v1. Received a Update on my LG C1 OLED TV. If you're a gamer, it's better to go for the C2 as it has HDMI 2. The TCL gets brighter and has much …. r/LGOLED My old 55 inch C8 is still going strong! r/bravia • 83” A90J + HT-A9 + SW5. For the size of my living room it must be at least 75" in size but under $2,000 (outlandish, I know). But I may just bite it and order from best buy. Hisense has qc problems, worse dse, worse processing, upscaling,, worse motion if you like smooth motion, color banding. Local dimming is decent on both, but it's slightly better on the U6GR because there's less blooming. In the US, X90K is currently cheap and hitting Black Friday prices of last year early. This stand does at least sit in the middle of the TV’s bottom edge. Mar 10, 2023: Added the Sony A95K OLED as the 'Best Smart TV For Home Theater'. vs U8H: Which TV is the Better Choice?. The U8K 'should' not have the same issues as the U8H. The B9 and likely B2 is quite good but overall I like the X90K a lot better. Sony X90K vs Sony X95J Side. With all the firmware updates both tv’s gotten since their release, Hisense U8H. X90J- The Sony X90J has fantastic gradient handling. Any input is greatly appreciated and thank you for taking the time. It's also better for gaming as it has a 120Hz panel, HDMI 2. It helps the X90J have better overall picture quality. HISENSE U8H MINI LED TELEVISION REVIEW: I'm Sold!Subscribe to the channel. It's available in three sizes, ranging from 55" to 75", and all three sizes offer very similar performance. The Hisense delivers a more impactful HDR experience, as it gets significantly brighter in HDR and can display. The Sony A8H OLED and the LG CX OLED are almost identical in performance. QN85C will have less bloom more black crush. The Sony X90K/X90CK and the Samsung QN85B are both great TVs that are good for different scenarios. They have the same gaming features, but the Sony doesn't have the same. The Sony X900F is much better than the Samsung The Frame 2018. All the information between the browser and the server are formatted as JSON. They both feature mini-LED backlighting, are fully HDR compatible, have quantum dots for excellent color and brightness, and come with easy-to …. Sony X95K (or other TV with strong upscaling) TLDR: Has anyone directly compared the Marseille mClassic with the Sony X95K or another TV with strong upscaling? I have the Hisense U8H, which does a great job displaying 4K signals but has very poor upscaling for 1080p and below, which means the docked Switch does not look …. Sony x90k costs more, not as good picture but potentially more reliable long term. TIA! X90J and K are the same price. The 55" is currently discounted to $899. The only case the U8H stands a chance is if you are watching in bright environment. For anyone wanting to use this TV as a PC monitor it seems that the max refresh rate is locked at 30Hz. LG B2 OLED Review (OLED55B2PUA, OLED65B2PUA, …. The Hisense is a high-end model with a 120Hz panel and HDMI 2. Hello everyone, this is a BESTBUY walkthrough where I go in so you don't need to. The Hisense U8G and the TCL 6 Series/R646 2021 QLED are both great TVs. Sony X90K - How bad is the blooming? What is this? Just started happening on 6 month old Samsung Q90A. The Sony A80J OLED and the LG B2 OLED are similar TVs. Use case: Mixed use including movies and gaming in a darkish room viewing from 9-10’. The TCL gets a lot brighter in SDR, …. Of course there is newer model in play but i do think sony would be better, just not quite sure yet …. The LG QNED85 is a mid-range 4k TV in LG's 2022 QNED lineup, which combines a quantum dot color filter and LG's NanoCell technology to display a wider range of colors. The Hisense U8/U8H and Hisense U8/U8K are nearly identical TVs, with the U8K being a marginal improvement over its predecessor. The X900F, on the other hand, gets brighter in both SDR and …. Read our full Samsung BU8500 (55BU8500) review. Sony X90K vs Hisense U8H | Sony vs Hisense TV | Hisense U8H Review 2023 | Hisense Mini LED TV 2023I compare hisense vs sony 4k tv that is sony x90k vs hisens. Samsung S90C OLED LG C3 OLED Hisense U8/U8K LG C2 OLED Hisense U8/U8H Samsung QN90C/QN90CD QLED Samsung CU7000/CU7000D Sony X90L/X90CL LG G3 Ultimately, the Hisense does more than the Sony, but the Sony is more accurate and stable overall than the Sony X90K/X90CK. The order on the buying guide of that page has it going X90K over R655, which they are at the same price point. Sports and Hisense! X90K IMO Reply More posts you may like. It also has better contrast, black uniformity, and local dimming feature, so the Hisense looks better in a dark room. The Sony X90K/X90CK is an upper mid-range 4k LED TV released in 2022. Samsung S90C OLED LG C3 OLED Hisense U8/U8K LG C2 OLED Hisense U8/U8H Samsung QN90C/QN90CD QLED Samsung CU7000/CU7000D Sony X90L/X90CL LG G3 OLED …. The Sony TV should also only have problems with this when it is very bright, so if this is the case in your living room, then a look at. When autocomplete results are available use up and down arrows to review and enter to select. Shop Sony 65" Class BRAVIA XR X90K 4K HDR Full Array LED Google TV at Best Buy. The U8H delivers much better picture quality, as it has a better local dimming feature with a Mini LED backlight. Read also: LG QNED85 Vs Sony X90K. รีวิวฉบับเต็ม Hisense U8H ทีวีรุ่นท็อปแห่งปี 2022 ซึ่งใช้หลอดไฟ Mini-LED ครั้งแรก. The Sony X85K is better than the Samsung Q70C QLED. In a dark or light-controlled room, the Sony is miles better. TCL 6 Series/R646 2021 QLED vs TCL 5 Series/S546 2021 QLED. TCL QM8/QM850G QLED Review (65QM850G, 75QM850G, …. However, if dark room performance is important to you, the X900H looks better because it displays …. Best 4K 120Hz TVs for Xbox Series X and PS5 gaming in 2023. Press ‎↵ Enter‎ for Accessibility for blind. As the other person said, you’re asking for X90K features for Q7 price. Personally I would rather have the U8G and would only replace it with a U8H. TCL and Hisense have started to make a name for themselves by offering dependable 4K TVs at lower prices,. But if you are happy with the uniformity on on your U8G (won the panel lottery) and don't care about the degraded image quality when running 4k120Hz, keep the Hisense. What do people think of the X90k for affordability at 75”? AAA has the Q90B small price cut on Samsung for a bit off but still expensive at 75” and a lot of people on this thread are not in love with it at the high price. Best midpriced 4K TV with sleek design image quality and more sizes than models like the TCL 4-Series and Sony X80K. Bought a 70" Sony X90K for my living room and didnt want to drop as much money for the game room. The 2023 Sonys may be out in late April or perhaps May-June at Costco. 1 thing is what’s giving me pause right now, what with all the 4K@120 controversy these days. The Samsung Q90B and Sony X90K and X95K show colors in Gran Turismo that look "smooth" and "gradually" go from a dark color to a light color so that it looks like it is a 100% perfect transition from "dark" to "light. The 7 Best Smart TVs For Streaming. What it is: How frequently the TV can refresh and show new frames, and whether it can vary its refresh rate in real-time using technologies like HDMI Forum's Variable Refresh Rate. There are a few items that I am being fairly picky with. The U8H, Hisense's flagship, comes in three different sizes. Hisense u8k (2023) has a 75in for $1500. Create a new project with the following command: quarkus create app org. [TV]Hisense 55" Class U8H Series Quantum ULED 4K UHD Smart Google TV 55U8H - $699. 900E became F and then the upgrade from that is the 950G and 950H. 1 ports supporting 4K 120Hz video input, along with VRR and ALLM. 11 Updated Oct 06, 2023 10:33 AM Searching Finding store Tested using Methodology v1. The Sony X95K offers a multitude of gaming-specific benefits, catering to the needs of avid gamers. The A90J is a bit brighter than the new model, meaning it can handle a bit more glare, and bright highlights in HDR stand out a bit more. The Hisense has much better contrast and a significantly better local dimming feature, so dark scenes look better, with much less blooming around bright highlights. I would recommend the Sony X90K. com; Sony BRAVIA XR X90K LED/LCD: Amazon; Sony BRAVIA XR X95K Mini-LED/LCD: Amazon; 8K TVs. I did like 4 replacements at least. I appreciate the info but I feel without taking part in these conversations, one might assume even a Hisense U6H or TCL 5 series is the same quality as. The Sony X90K/X90CK is a newer version of the Sony X900H, and the TVs are similar overall. Although sharing a similar model name, the A90K isn't a direct replacement for the A90J, as they're. Sony will give you better processing. This technology delivers vibrant colors, deep blacks, and excellent contrast. 11 Updated Aug 03, 2023 04:17 PM Searching Finding store Tested using Methodology v1. Sony X90K 4K LED TV: Like last year's X90J, the X90K is positioned as the more affordable mid-range option in Sony's 2022 lineup. The Hisense U8K ULED is an upgraded version of the U8H, which was one of our favorites from last year. So I purchased it on Monday and have been blown away by how great it looks. Pic quality is great and so is the sound. The Hisense U8G is significantly better than the TCL 6 Series/R635 2020 QLED. Sony X900H vs Hisense U8G Side. The Sony has a better local dimming feature, and the unit we bought has much better accuracy out of the box. In Canada 65" U8H is $1500, vs 65" LG C2 being $2300. Save on Hisense, TCL, LG, Samsung, Sony, and more. So its not really fair to compare a TV that costs $800 more which is over 50% greater than the U8H and say "well the LG is better". Shopping for New TV 65" soon Anything beat a hisense U8H for. 16K subscribers Subscribe 177 15K views 9 months ago #miniled #hisensetv #U8H Sony X95K vs Hisense U8H more more. The Sony Bravia XR X90K stands out as a solid midrange offering that, with the exception of sound, can do many things well. us/TWuA8FWatch More Hisense U8H Videos https://gen. It is true that U8HA is not the same monitor as U8H (Ads panel vs VA). As far as processing and upscaling power, I disable internet and stream all my content on both the Sony x900f and Hisense U8H through Apple TV 4K boxes. The Hisense is a bit brighter in SDR, but not quite as bright in HDR. The Hisense also delivers a more impactful HDR experience, as it gets significantly brighter in HDR and can display a wider color gamut. On the other hand, the LG is a better choice for gaming, as it has a lower input lag, and it supports advanced gaming features like VRR and 'Auto Low. Hisense U8H smart TV (65-inch-class model 65U8H) Hisense's new U8H delivers outstanding color and black at a relatively affordable (for mini-LED) price. No fald, no va almost all sizes, worse contrast, no smooth gradation, Worse brightness, worse motion ect. HDR content looks better on the Vizio because it displays a wider color gamut, gets brighter in HDR, and has better black uniformity. Higher nit in dark scene would show better details than otherwise would normally be crushed with lower nit. The Sony X90K/X90CK is a higher-end TV than the Sony X80K/X80CK with better performance. The Hisense U8G is better than the Sony X900H. 75" Sony Bravia XR X90K 4K Full Array Google TV. Hisense sent me a 65-inch U8H for review, and after. The Samsung S95B OLED is a better TV than the Samsung QN90B QLED. The color is excellent and its been a great TV, …. The Samsung has better viewing angles, making it a better choice for a wide seating arrangement, and the local dimming feature is more effective at reducing black levels, improving contrast. Even if the X90K has a higher native contrast ratio, the local dimming feature is better on the X95K, so it's also the better …. 97K views 10 months ago 1 product. The Hisense delivers a more impactful HDR experience, as it gets. Best I see right now are TCL R655 and the Hisense U8H. Best 65" for under $1,000? U8H vs X90K. Is Sony’s processing worth it to downgrade in size and screen tech? It was on sale for $999 at Best Buy in the US until midnight last night. 1 inputs, while the Vizio is a lower-end option with a 60Hz panel and HDMI 2. The guy at bestbuy said that for media contents (non-video games), he’d go with the oled screens. Nov 2, 2022 - Sony X90K VS Hisense U8H - Is There A Clear WINNER 🫣*Subscribe to the channel. The Hisense U8H is the brand's first mini-LED TV and possibly its best TV ever. If you want the best picture quality, especially for a wide seating arrangement, the X95J is the better choice because it has a wider viewing angle and better local dimming. The Hisense U7G is better overall than the TCL 5 Series/S546 2021 QLED. Among midpriced models we liked the TCL 6-Series just a Sony X80K. Edited to add: Luckily the U8H doesn't come in 85", so it's not even in the running. On the other hand, the Samsung TV has much better processing overall, so upscaled content looks a bit better, …. They are roughly equal for both HDR and SDR brightness, although the TCL has better contrast and black uniformity, helped by a better local dimming feature. The LG QNED90 is a slight step up over the LG QNED85. The TCL gets brighter and has much better reflection handling, making it a better choice. The Hisense has a much better local dimming feature, and the unit we tested has significantly better black uniformity, so it looks better overall in a dark room. So I can give you a little bit of a comparison considering the x90k is the successor of the x90j. 11 Updated Oct 06, 2023 10:34 AM Searching Finding store Resolution 4k Type LED Sub-Type VA Resolution 4k Type LED. The QNED90 has a much better Mini LED local dimming feature, resulting in higher contrast and less blooming around bright areas of dark scenes. See more ideas about tv videos, tv, 4k tv. Compare Size to Distance Table Review List Review Index Graph Recommendation Custom Ratings. The notable exception being TCL’s 85-inch, a size not offered by Hisense. The Hisense has a higher contrast ratio, its local dimming performs better, and it gets brighter in SDR and HDR. The Hisense U7K is a lower mid-range 4k TV released in 2023 and sits between the Hisense U6/U6K and the Hisense U8/U8K in the company's 2023 ULED lineup. Sony X95K vs Sony X90K/X90CK Side. When they arrive, the Sony X90K may go down to 1800. LG C2 / Samsung QN90B vs Sony X90K. Here's the high level comparison of the Sony X90K vs the Hisense U88H on rtings: The Hisense U8H is much better than the Sony X90K. com: Sony 65 Inch 4K Ultra HD TV X90K Series: …. The TU7000 has a slightly better response time and its input lag is better outside of 'Game' mode, so it's marginally better for gaming. The Sony X95J is higher-end than the Sony X90K/X90CK, meaning it provides better picture quality. The Sony has the edge in response time, upscaling, and HDR gradient …. Hisense U8H Vs TCL 6 Series - Which Is The Best Budget 4K TV? Links to the TVs reviewed in this video: Hisense U8H https://amzn. The Hisense U8/U8K is significantly better than the Vizio Quantum Pro QLED. Last years and this years are using the same chipset. Same price and you get much better bang for your buck. Poor QC, bad upscaling and motion blur. Most of the time we'll be 80% for streaming HBO, Netflix, and youtubes and 20% for switch games. It's called the Hisense U75K at Costco, and is the same as the regular U7K but comes with a 3-year warranty. The majority of reviews don't have Sony on top, but nothing else compared. Compare Hisense U8G vs Sony X90K/X90CK Side-by-Side Comparison Products Hisense U8G Sony X90K/X90CK Tested using Methodology v1. 8 out of 5 stars with 675 reviews. It has a big impact on the appearance of motion blur, but it's not the only factor. The U8H is a massive upgrade from the Vizio. ago SoundsGood3 Sony X80K or X90K vs Hisense U8H Discussion Looking for a friendly debate (thoughts and opinions) on these 3 TVs for this …. If you care about peak brightness, the X95K is the better choice as it gets brighter and has much better reflection handling if you want to use it in a well-lit room. The U8H also has very severe banding/posterization problems that only get worse when in game mode. (Image credit: Future) Editor's note: September 2023. Sony XR-X90K vs Samsung QN90B vs Samsung QN95B (85 inch). Well, the Hisense sale ended and now it's $50 more than the Sony. The Sony is much better for watching movies in HDR or SDR because it displays deeper blacks and its local dimming feature is significantly better. And if you’re into sports it’s great motion-handling capabilities will provide smooth and blur-free action. It has nearly full coverage of the DCI P3 color space, but tone mapping is a bit off, so colors aren't displayed accurately. Hisense U8H: 55-inch (Hisense 55U8H), MSRP $699. They each have a local dimming feature, but the one on the Sony is more effective. Sliding glass doors on the right are ~20+ feet away from the screen. Where is the on/off manual power button? User rating, 4. Samsung leans crushed blacks, Sony leans more bloom. When I went to Best Buy today and looked at them (conveniently) side by side, all I could notice was dark corners on the Sony. The Hisense U8H is available in three sizes. Today we see most of the 2022 TV'S from all the leading manufacturers. sorry!!! X95J is much brighter and the screen is better at dealing with light to preserve blacks better. I have spent an ungodly amount of hours researching TVs, and so I am looking at buying between these two TVs. The Hisense U8H is saddled with a similar HDMI conundrum as the B2, but it gets even brighter than the 6-Series and costs even less. Would like a good picture quality, so also willing to shell out more for Sony X90K or TCL 6 series R655. Hisense U7H is pretty much same panel as 2020 H9G. This happens with content that has a lot of static elements, like banners on the news or UI elements in a video game, that stay on the screen for an extended period. Q7 seems to be better than U8H even nevermind U7H. The Hisense is more well-rounded and has a few more gaming features like a 120Hz panel and HDMI 2. The TCL gets brighter and displays a wider. The Hisense has higher peak brightness, and small highlights in some scenes stand out more in HDR. B2 is smoother but X90K is great. In this video, we're comparing the Hisense U7H and the Hisense U8H to see which is better. If you have a bright room with a wide seating area, the Samsung has a wider viewing angle and gets brighter, so visibility won't be an issue even in bright environments. 75" $1k showdown: Sony x90k vs TCL Q7 vs Hisense U7k? : …. Exceeding its own brightness claims, the U8H offers the kind of performance f. Aug 14, 2023: Replaced the Samsung QN90B QLED with the Samsung QN90C/QN90CD QLED as 'Best Upper Mid-Range Outdoor TV', added the TCL …. The Sony Bravia XR A80K OLED has the singular mission of delivering a scintillating entertainment experience in almost every way. My options are Sony XR65X90J, LG 65QNED90UPA, and Vizio P65Q9-H1. Everything We Do Make your Life Simpler. The Sony delivers better picture quality because its VA panel has a better contrast ratio, and it has a better local dimming feature that results in less blooming around bright objects. The Hisense U8/U8H is a bit better than its predecessor, the Hisense U8G. If you’re looking for a great mid-range TV that doesn’t have the cost of a high-end model, but still delivers excellent performance, the TCL 6-Series R655 and Hisense U8H fit that niche perfectly. Tldr: The 55" c735 at closer viewing range looked like a chess board. It's either the Sony x90k at around 1. But models are generally discontinued after a year. The TCL has better low-quality content smoothing, so …. The X90K offers Local Dimming, greatly reducing the greyish black and improving black levels thanks to it. So just buy, stop reading blogs, and enjoy. It sits above the Sony X85K and below the Sony X95K, the X90K sits in between and doesn't provide much extra against other TVs like the LG QNED85 or the Hisense U8/U8H. Sony X90J vs Hisense U8/U8H Side. Sony A80K comes with OLED XR Contrast Pro while Sony A80J comes with standard OLED XR Contrast. Also that the TCL is comparable to the Hisense. Find low everyday prices and buy online for delivery or …. Any U8H Complaints? I've been bouncing back and forth and just can't make up my mind between the U8H and X90K. It was able to deliver an excellent all-around image quality in its price range, and while the HDR highlights aren’t going to stun as much as some options, the U7H is a. I'm looking for a television to watch series, movies and tv shows, I'm undecided between the 55-inch U8H or the 50-inch QN90B, I wanted to know if it pays to go for the U8H for the inches or if the QN90B provides a really better experience being only 50 inches, any tips? 0 comments. Black level is barely an issue. So I have a previous model the Hisense 55g17 model and it’s wall mounted but because of its angel the blacks look grey. 3568 1 液晶电视低温拖影测试对比。IPS vs VA,京东方 vs 华星光电,海信U8H(IPS) vs 索 …. But the allure of a (relatively cheap) new gadget is so strong, ha. The TV will be in an almost permanently well lit living room with a window right next to it, so it's deliberate I haven't included an OLED tv. The Sony X90K for example, was recently the exact same price as the Hisense U8H. There are the usual drawbacks with LCD technology, even using Mini LED, with DSE (Dirty Screen Effect) and clouding due to uneven panel uniformity, with halo effects seen around bright objects against black. r/LGOLED TCL R655 or Hisense U8H? Streaming, Plex, x90k vs q90a. CS is sold for 900€ and 807 for 1200€ (bundled with a sound bar) CS pro's. The Hisense u8 has been out of stock for a while, so that looks to be off the table. It's a pretty big difference, far larger than the difference in dimming zones between 65 and 75. The Hisense U8H has been making headlines for getting Mini LED backlighting and combining that with Hisense’s take on QLED tech, resulting in what many consider to be the best TV under $1,000. I never saw the u8h in person but Costco had the x90k in stock with 5 years of warranty on it. I only game on PS4 so i’m wondering which has better sound and mic quality. 99; With support for Dolby Vision IQ, HDR10+ Adaptive, and HLG, the U8H series is ready for any HDR format you stream or feed to it, and it also has a Filmmaker. The Hisense U8/U8H and the Samsung QN90B QLED deliver very similar picture quality overall, but the Samsung is a bit better overall. r/LGOLED • My first OLED (G2 65") r/4kTV • TCL QM8 vs Hisense U8H. Everything we create is designed with you in mind. It's a new TV in Vizio's lineup, but it has many of the same features as the Vizio P Series …. On the other hand, the Hisense has a better local dimming feature, faster response time, and it gets brighter. The Sony X90J offers nearly everything we’d want from a mid-range 4K LED-LCD TV. In 2022, the Sony Bravia range is expanding with a new entry that is focused in on gaming with the PlayStation 5 console. Add to Wish List Item in Wish List. The Hisense U8G is better overall than the TCL R745 QLED. However realizing we only use this media room in a limited basis, decided to dial the budget back to mid range and apply savings towards eventual. The Samsung S95B has reports of premature death (YT for examples) and inaccurate game mode colors after firmware updates. us/TWuA8FWatch More Sony X90K Videos https:// Pinterest. The Samsung is also a bit better for gaming, as it supports FreeSync variable refresh rate technology, ensuring a nearly tear-free gaming …. Now that I have a PS5 on the way I'd like to get a decent TV. You might be able to grab a closeout TCL r646 for even less but stock is running low. It’s much more robustly built than Hisense’s more affordable sets, but sports both a fairly chubby profile and a rather ‘meh’ grey frame and desktop stand. Sony is the best at motion processing for sports, and they are near the top if not the top for upscaling SD/720/1080i/p content. It's part of Vizio's lineup that they label as 2023, and it sits alongside the Vizio M6 Series Quantum 2022, which is a budget model with fewer features and reduced picture quality. LG QNED90 vs LG QNED85 Side. The Hisense U8H has superior image quality to that of the Sony X90K. 3960 Views 7 Replies 6 Participants Last post by AVS Commenter , Jul 22, 2023. The Hisense U8G and the Vizio P Series Quantum 2021 are both great TVs, but the Hisense is more well-rounded. If you're a Costco member, you'll instead want to buy the much better and cheaper Hisense …. us/TWuA8F Watch More Sony X90K Videos https. Plus you’re playing a panel lottery. LG C2: Which is better? : r/Hisense. Get your Harry's Starter Set for just $3 when you go to https://harrys. The Hisense U8G is significantly better than the LG NANO90 2021 for most uses. If you want a rival TV from tcl you should go for c835. It sits below the Sony X80K/X80CK, and mainly competes with other entry-level TVs like the TCL 5 Series/S555 2022 QLED, the Hisense U6/U6H, and the Samsung Q60B QLED. Its most accurate picture mode (Custom) is more accurate out of the box than Hisense’s most accurate mode, and the X80K does a much better job upscaling sub-4K content, which accounts for a high. Side-by-Side Comparison Products Hisense U8/U8K Sony X90L/X90CL Tested using Methodology v1. Just because it doesn't score more than U8H, it doesn't become a worse or comparable TV than it. so the TCL 6 series is your best bet unless you want to spend a little more for the Sony X90K. However, because HDMI 3 is an HDMI 2. Is there a website that will allow me to…. The RU7300 now supports 1440p, and it has a dedicated component input at the back, instead of the adapter used by the NU7300. You could’ve always returned your og TCL and tried to see if it was an issue with the specific tv you had or if those issues are present on that model as a whole. The QN90B will be much brighter with more spectacular HDR Highlights but will feature a worse dimming algorithm, black crush, bad QA/QC, atrocious UI, ABL, backlight control locked into service menu, Samsung cheating EOTF on first firmware, inaccurate colors requiring proper calibration, etc. Can get a 75" Sony x90k for $1k on sale right now, have been looking at a TCL Q7 or a Hisense U7k for the same price. The Hisense U8G is better overall than the Sony X85K. Its processing is a bit worse, and shadow details aren't as well-preserved on the QNED90. Hisense U7G vs Hisense U6/U6H Side. Gamers will be glad to know that the X90K series is one of Sony's Perfect for PlayStation 5 series, with its dual HDMI 2. Explore the Sony BRAVIA TV with Full Array LED to enhance the scenes with more depth, contrast, and vivid colors. That and the motion handling complaints all over this subreddit. It helps deliver a cleaner setup overall, with a single cable going from the One Connect box to the TV, …. Sony X90K vs Hisense U8H Side-by-Side TV Comparison The Hisense U8H is much better than the Sony X90K. The X90K has 54 at the 65-inch size according to RTings, so this TV should be a somewhat substantial setup from the X90J in terms of brightness and contrast, but if you directly compare the two in most respects it’s barely an improvement, a downgrade in others, and it’s not enough to justify paying the new TV AND Sony premium for it. Sony: Hisense: Model Series: X90K: U8H: Model Number: XR-75X90K: 75U8H: Alias: XR-75X91K XR-75X92K XR-75X93K XR-75X94K: 75U87HQ: Display; Screen Size Class: 75" (inches) 75" (inches) Diagonal Size: 74. Comparison Sony vs hisense : r/4kTV. This concern is why the debate--smartcast vs smart TV--has become a point of interest. The A80K is better for dark-room viewing as it delivers deeper blacks, and it's also the better choice for wide seating arrangements because it offers a wider viewing angle. Overall, the Hisense H9G is much better than the Vizio. When it comes to smart features, both the LG QNED85 and the Samsung QN85B offer a wide range of options, making it easier to enjoy your favorite content. Find low everyday prices and buy online for delivery or in-store pick-up. Much better processing which will also help with dimming zone response time. Just depends on execution, which Sony may do better, but maybe not now of days. A 600 to 800 nits TV will still be able to emulate true HDR sufficiently to where you will be able to notice the difference. 85" Sony X90K vs 85" Samsung QN90B for the same price. Most of the time we'll be 80% for streaming HBO, Netflix, and …. The Hisense has better contrast and much better black uniformity. The Hisense U8H is brighter, has equal or better black levels and comparible contrast. Pretty straightforward question, which of the above 2 tvs would be best mainly for playing the ps5. Hisense U8/U8H vs Vizio M Series Quantum X 2022. We tried a Hisense U8H but the motion handling is horrible, so we will return it and are looking for what to get next. The U8K has significantly improved low-quality content smoothing compared to the U8H; it's a good TV for streaming content. The Hisense U7G is much better than the Samsung Q70/Q70A QLED. The Hisense has significantly better contrast, a much better local dimming feature, and significantly better black uniformity, making it a better choice for dark-room viewing. It gives you comprehensive smart TV support and great 4K picture quality for not much money. Honest review of Sony 55 Bravia TV mounted on my wall. TCL Q7 vs Hisense U8H vs Sony X90K. I watch tons of 4k DV content or HDR 10. Against Sony flagship H900X( 24 local dimming pathetic ), Samsung Q90T, LG C9 ( 600 nit peak brightness pathetic ) It’s INSANE. 1 inputs, while the TCL is limited to HDMI 2. Sony X90K Screen sizes: 55", 65", 75 The Hisense U6K is one of the most affordable mini-LED TVs on the market, making it a great choice for those shopping for a budget-friendly 65-inch TV. The Hisense U8K is a close runner-up, and the Samsung QN95C is a fetching upgrade pick. General opinions would such the 95J is better for my useage and the X90K is not much of an upgrade and possibly worse in some areas. RTings ranks the Hisense higher, but they report and sort of brush over some ghosting issues with gaming which is what I will use it for 90% of the time. I have been researching for weeks, going on months now, for a new TV and the U8K and QM8 keep coming up as the best options given my desired size and budget constraints. On the Google TV platform — which also see on Sony TVs — there aren’t many restrictions imposed by the platform itself. The only thing the Hisense has going for it is brightness. I have an LG B1 and if I got the QNED85. The Hisense has a full array local dimming system, it's brighter, and it's a bit more versatile, with two HDMI 2. They each have a VA panel with a high contrast, and even though the Mini LED local dimming feature on the TCL does a better job at improving the contrast on our checkerboard pattern, the local dimming on the Sony performs better overall. The Samsung is better to use in dark rooms as it has less blooming around bright objects, and even in bright rooms, it gets brighter. Hence I'm comparing to X95J, which is only $200 more. If you need something for bright rooms with wide seating areas, the X95K has better reflection handling and a wider viewing angle. The X80K’s motion software is …. The Hisense gets much brighter than the LG and is a bit more colorful, so it's much better suited for bright rooms. Of course the price is going to be lower on the Samsung. It looked kind of dark, but it's hard to make an accurate judgement without being able to compare it to the others. Sony A8H OLED vs Sony A90J OLED Side. This subreddit is absolutely going to recommend the X90K, but. 300€ cheaper (although no sound bar) Tried and tested, a very popular choice. The QNED90 also gets a bit brighter, and it sustains bright …. We used the following calibration settings to review the 65-inch Hisense U8H (65U8H), and for the most part, we expect them to be valid for the 55-inch (55U8H), and 75-inch (75U8H) models. In 2023, the difference between the 65-inch TCL QM8 and this Sony X90L is. The TCL also has a much faster response time, making it a better choice for gamers, as there's less blur behind fast …. We review the TCL C835 Mini LED TV whose VA LCD panel beats Samsung & Sony in native contrast ratio. The Sony X90J is a higher-end TV than the Sony X85K, so it performs better and has more features. 65R655 - $999 - No shimmer, but not as bright. This item Hisense 65U8H QLED U8H Series Quantum 4K ULED Mini-LED 65-Inch Class Google Smart TV with Alexa Compatibility, Quantum Dot, 1500-nit HDR10+, Black Hisense 65-Inch Class U8 Series Mini-LED ULED 4K UHD Google Smart TV (65U8K, 2023 Model) - QLED, Native 144Hz, 1500-Nit, Dolby Vision IQ, Full Array Local Dimming, …. The Hisense also delivers a better HDR experience because it gets brighter, and although its local dimming is just decent, it …. 1 bandwidth, meaning you can play 4k games up to 120Hz, and. So I initially was thinking for spending more in the range of $2k+ for a C2 or Q90B. On the other hand, the Sony has less banding in areas of similar color, and the. The Hisense U8G and the Sony X90K/X90CK are great TVs with a few differences. I would also stay away from that model of Samsung. Sony - 85" Class BRAVIA XR X90K 4K HDR Full Array LED Google TV. Is it worth waiting for the Hisense U8K? : r/4kTV. Help! 55” Sony X90K or Hisense U8H. A bit of a weird comparison and these are the best non-oled models i've found my budget. It supports high dynamic range ( HDR ) content in HDR10, HDR10+, Dolby Vision, and hybrid log gamma (HLG). There are exceptions like X900F or A90J. The Sony X90K is closer to the Samsung Q80B model, the Samsung Q90B is a higher tier competitive with the higher Sony X95K model. Oct 02, 2023: Replaced the Hisense U8H with the Hisense U8K and the TCL 5 Series/S555 2022 QLED with the TCL Q6/Q650G QLED. It uses quantum dot technology, and it can display an incredibly wide color gamut, important for the latest HDR content. U8H - $999 - Bright, but has a shimmering/motion issue. I can get a 65in Hisense U8h for $899 or an open box 65in Sony x90k for slightly cheaper. Like I said, I did the same with my 2 Sony sets. Full-HD (1080p) content on the U6H often looks fuzzy. The X950G has lower input lag, which is good if you play video games or use the TV as a PC monitor. Hisense U8H 4K Quantum Dot QLED Google Smart TV (2022) TV. Held off on the Sony x90 this year b/c of the slight blooming issues, but the miniLED of the x93 should address that. I've been researching TVs for a living room gaming setup and landed on these too since they're both approx. Highly suggest looking at the Sony X90k. ULED televisions are much brighter than OLEDs and have twice the lifespan. On the other hand, the RU7100 has …. While TCL’s 2022 5-Series TVs. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The TCL gets brighter in SDR, but the Hisense is the much more accurate TV regarding color accuracy, and it respects the creator's intent much more than the TCL does. I am deeply, deeply torn about this decision. The Samsung has a better native contrast ratio and black uniformity, so it may be better suited for watching movies in the dark. The Q7 is a lower tier than the other 2. The C735 is inferior even from U7H. I've been around the block with multiple under $800 65 inch and 55 inch TVs--LG, Samsung, TCL and I've found consistently, for my eyes (so this is an opinion)--that the Hisense U7H (under $550 for 55 inch) and the U8H have done the best for use as a monitor, routine viewing (plenty of adjusting as everyone's viewing room is entirely different. The Hisense U8G is a bit better than the Sony X95J. Comparing the Hisense Mini-LED U8K 2023 TV and U8H previous years TV, U8K has a new game bar and Freesync premium pro support. The Samsung has a VA panel with a much higher contrast ratio, and while the LG's IPS panel is supposed to have wider viewing angles, the Samsung still wins here because of its 'Ultra Viewing Angle' technology. The LG CX OLED and the Hisense U8G use different panel technologies, so which one is better depends on your usage. It sits alongside the TCL 6 Series/R655 2022 QLED as part of the 6 Series lineup, with one of the …. Hisense India X Ravindra Jadeja | Perfecting The Perfection. VRR is more important than 120hz. Sony BRAVIA XR X90K Top Features. The Hisense delivers much better picture quality in dark rooms thanks to its higher contrast and better local dimming. The Hisense is a bit better for gamers, though, as it has two HDMI 2. TCL c835 vs Sony X90K : r/4kTV. The Hisense delivers a more impactful HDR experience, as it gets significantly brighter in HDR and can display a wider color …. ago SoundsGood3 Sony X80K or X90K vs Hisense U8H Discussion Looking for a friendly debate (thoughts and opinions) on these 3 TVs for this situation. Hey, I'm in Australia and I'm looking for a new TV. 2022 Hisense Group Introduction Video. A lot of movies run on 24Hz and 120Hz is evenly divided by 24 making motion more smooth. The biggest difference seems to be the number of local dimming zones. Sony x90k (2022) has an 85in for $1700 but they are hard to find. The X90K is significantly brighter and just has way more hdr impact. com">Hisense U8/U8H vs Samsung QN90B QLED. Between the Sony and Hisense though, the Hisense would only be worth it if it’s $100s of dollars cheaper than the Sony. 55-inch 55U8H: $1,149 ; 65-inch 65U8H: $1,399 ; 75-inch 75U8H: $1,499; The prices listed above for the TCL and Hisense models were manufacturer’s suggested list when the TVs first. The Sony X90J is better overall than the Sony X80K/X80CK because it's a higher-end TV. I’m leaning towards the Sony Bravia because it is a brand I trust, but curious thoughts. We tested the 65-inch Hisense U7K, and the results are also valid for the 55, 75, and 85-inch models. Sony X90K: $1300 - 55'' / $1600 - 65'' Hisense U8H: $1200 - 55'' / $1700 - 65'' Any suggestions? Currently leaning towards the Samsung. The Sony A80K/A80CK OLED and the Sony X90K/X90CK are different types of TVs, each with strengths and weaknesses. 85 in - Sony x90k or TCL q7 or TCL qm8. If you're willing and able to go the next screen size up, the 65" is only $100 more at $999. Hisense u8h or u8k would also be fine. The Apple TV will surpass the u8h processing. If 4k, hdr, dolby vision is detected, will switch to those. TCL is brighter, but X90K is more color accurate with better motion handling, processing and upscaling. In our Hisense U8K review we put to the test Hisense’s new 2023 flagship mini-LED TV. TCL 65" Class Q7 Q-Class QLED 4K HDR Smart TV. Samsung S90C OLED LG C3 OLED Hisense U8/U8K LG C2 OLED Hisense U8/U8H Samsung QN90C/QN90CD QLED Samsung CU7000/CU7000D Sony X90L/X90CL LG G3 OLED Samsung QN90B QLED Samsung Q60C [Q60, Q60CD] QLED. The Sony A90J OLED and the Hisense U8G use different display panels, each with strengths and weaknesses. The Samsung Q60/Q60A QLED is a bit better overall than the Sony X80K/X80CK. 99-450) bestbuy This thread is archived New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast I really recommend sticking with Sony/LG/and maybe Samsung. Point being regardless of X90J vs X90K based on the below video, X90K sure looks great in my opinion. Right now, the 65-inch X95K is about $100 more than the 65-inch A80K, but the 75-inch X95K is about $200 less than an A80K of the same size. 00 (48) Add to Cart Add to Wish List. Among 2022 TVs I've tested, the 6-Series' closest competitor is the Hisense U8H, the only other TV in this price range with mini-LED technology. The Hisense U8/U8H is significantly better than the Hisense U7H. Buy Sony XR55X90K Bravia XR 55 inch X90K 4K HDR Full Array LED Smart TV 2022 Model Bundle with Premium 2 YR CPS Enhanced Protection Pack: Sony X90K VS Hisense U8H. Is it 100,% setup or are some better than others? comments sorted by Best Top New Controversial Q&A Add a Comment. Hisense U6G vs Hisense U6GR Side. Hisense U7H review: Pricing and configurations. Samsung S90C OLED LG C3 OLED Hisense U8/U8K LG C2 OLED Hisense U8/U8H Samsung QN90C/QN90CD QLED Samsung CU7000/CU7000D Sony X90L/X90CL LG G3 OLED Samsung QN90B QLED Samsung Q60C [Q60, Q60CD] QLED TCL QM8/QM850G QLED. Buy a fire stick and wait for the price of TCL C835 or Sony X90K to go down during clearance next summer. Of course, both of those quantum dot-enhanced LED TVs don’t deliver the perfect black levels, ultra-wide viewing angles, and razor-thin design of the LG B2. The Hisense has much better reflection handling, and it gets significantly brighter, . The TCL has better contrast, …. Discover Hisense's latest smart TV & entertainment system, appliances and smartphones designed for your pleasure and convenience. The Sony X90J and the Vizio P Series Quantum 2021 are both great 4k TVs. That said, the Sony has much better out-of-the-box color accuracy, it's better-built, and it has better gradient handling. The Sony looks best in a dark room, as the OLED panel displays perfect blacks, with no blooming or uniformity issues. The U8H supports a swath of HDR formats in Dolby Vision, HDR 10+, HDR 10, and hybrid log gamma (HLG), which means. The Hisense U8H runs Google TV, and the TCL runs Roku TV. However, if you're worried about permanent burn-in, the X90J is a great all …. I tested Sony’s X90K and it’s a great 4K TV for PS5. Samsung S90C OLED LG C3 OLED Hisense U8/U8K LG C2 OLED Hisense U8/U8H Samsung QN90C/QN90CD QLED Samsung CU7000/CU7000D Sony X90L/X90CL LG G3 OLED Samsung QN90B QLED Samsung Q60C [Q60, Q60CD] QLED LG UR8000 TCL QM8/QM850G QLED TCL Q7/Q750G QLED Sony X85K Samsung …. I'm open to any suggestions and will be mainly using. The Samsung performs better in dark rooms because it has a higher native contrast with much better black uniformity, and it also gets brighter if you want to use it in a well-lit room. My 2017 vizio e series has 4k and hdr but I know it’s not up to par, I’m sure the Hisense is a massive upgrade but I’m hearing a lot of panel issues and motion problems. There are more dimming zones, which helps with the deep blacks. Very small differences in most content. Sony X90K 4K HDR TV Review. Sony 65 Inch 4K Ultra HD TV X90K Series: BRAVIA XR Full Array LED Smart Google TV with Dolby Vision HDR and Exclusive Features for The Playstation® 5 XR65X90K- 2022 Model,Black 4. Google TV is way better for picture adjustment and other things. On the other hand, the Sony has a much faster response time, and it has better processing, with better upscaling and better …. Temporary image retention is when a high-contrast image appears to stay on the screen even after it's gone. The 7 Best TVs For The Xbox Series X. The Sony has the edge in response time, upscaling, and. I am preparing to purchase a TV and wanted to see what you all think is the best possible option under $1,000 right now.