Will Joe Biden Win Astrology Will Joe Biden Win AstrologyRead more › Winner Claudia Tenney, Republican, wins New York’s 22nd. ) on Sunday predicted a “landslide” victory for Joe Biden in the 2024 election, as long as the president and Democrats are “stronger on working-class issues. Joe Biden has launched his re-election campaign with a video in which he says the country faces a pivotal moment in the 2024 vote. Video showed the First Lady rejoining her husband and. A major liberal group has drawn up a multimillion dollar plan to make Joe Biden cooler online. Get Joe Biden horoscope for astrology research, biography of Joe Biden, kundli and birth chart of Joe Biden and 2013 horoscope according to Vedic astrology. Ted Cruz warns of alleged 'Iranian spies' in Biden admin. ‘Election night will be a mirage’: Analysts warn Trump could appear to have won on election night, only for him to lose days later. The “if” is probably unnecessary. Kamala Harris and Joe Biden Are a Power Duo — and Their Birth Charts Prove It. More Americans would react negatively to President Joe Biden winning reelection than former President Donald Trump returning to the White. He served as the White House 's chief strategist in the administration of U. Singh is known for making bold astrology predictions on internet. The post Serious Blow Dealt to Biden's 2024 Chances appeared first on America Insider. The transiting North Node at 26 Taurus opposed natal Mercury at 26 Scorpio. The claim: More than 8 million excess votes for Joe Biden were counted during the 2020 election. First published on Thu 17 Dec 2020 14. While Trump continues to hold a hefty lead in the GOP field, a New York Times/Siena College Poll this week — taken before the latest indictment — had Biden and Trump tied at 43 percent each in. Get free daily horoscopes by the AstroTwins. Many Democratic voters have indicated they would prefer he did not run, in part because of his age. The president has put his finger on an important geopolitical development. “I think it’s all about timing at this point. EST when Kamala Harris announced her run as Vice President alongside Joe Biden. Here’s a closer look at Joe Biden’s tax policy and. The count of the Electoral College ballots during a joint session of the 117th United States Congress, pursuant to the Electoral Count Act, on January 6–7, 2021, was the final step to confirm President-elect Joe Biden's victory in the 2020 presidential election over President Donald Trump, the incumbent. Fall 2024: President Pete Buttigieg, fighting to be reelected and in a close battle with Republican nominee Nikki Haley, blatantly asks China to dig up some dirt on the former South Carolina. As the birth time of Joe Biden is not exactly known and there are maximum positives in his Horoscope, so there are chances that he might win the U. President Biden opened his visit to Israel Wednesday by blaming “the other team” for the explosion that purportedly killed hundreds at a Gaza hospital — as Israel released. Disclaimer: While I attempt to be as fair as possible, . The leading progressive, who was Biden’s chief rival in the 2020 Democratic presidential primary, told The Associated Press that he would “do everything I can to see. Joe Biden presidency: Five huge challenges looming. US election 2020: What a Biden victory means for Europe. Former president Barack Obama. These cutting-edge technologies. President Reagan giving his State of the Union. 07:43, Fri, Nov 13, 2020 Bookmark Astrology: Expert explains what your star sign means about you Joe Biden has been elected as the next president of the United States, booting Donald Trump. Scarcely a month after the Democrats came together to help Joe Biden win the U. However, an exceptional penalty conversion by Handre Pollard in the. Biden’s parting paean to America, and to American optimism, stands in contrast to the Eeyore ways of the president he serves. Donald Trump: What we learned from his rally in Pennsylvania. Joe Biden, a Scorpio, was sworn in as the 46th president of the United States on Wednesday — making the water sign the most represented zodiac sign among US presidents. Voters in America will decide on 3rd November 2020 whether Donald Trump stays in the White House for another four years. Astrologer predicts Trump WIN but claims Biden 'will steal. Biden’s weaknesses as a candidate didn’t prevent him from winning in 2020, but 2024 will be a different contest. Franklin Foer, whose book The Last. 18) which was previously tied with Scorpio for the most presidential. Hear what McCarthy thinks after Jordan's failed third attempt to win speakership. Live TV Joe Biden wins election to be the 46th US President. President Joe Biden presents the Medal of Honor to Army Master Sgt. The presidential transition of Joe Biden began on November 7, 2020, and ended on January 20, 2021. Unemployment Rate: The unemployment rate dropped from 6. President Biden will address the nation from the Oval Office on Thursday, delivering remarks on Israel’s war against Hamas terrorists and the situation in Ukraine, the White House announced. For the press, the deaths of Biden’s first wife, Neilia, and infant daughter, Naomi, in a car crash just a month after his upset ’72 win, only made the comparison to the tragedy-scarred. When he formally announced his entry into the 2020 presidential race, Joe Biden declared that he stood for two things - workers who "built this country", and values that can. In interviews, these people relayed an impression that the conventional wisdom in Washington, D. He is also deeply aware of the importance of dreaming, and, negatively, may be prone to delusions. In the Senate, a 50-50 split would mean a casting vote. West Virginia results for the 2020 presidential election, Senate and House races, and governor race. 5 million votes cast for Barack Obama. The FiveThirtyEight forecasting model has given Biden a 90% chance of winning the election. Biden formally announced his 2024 campaign in a three-minute video released Tuesday, asking voters to give him the chance to “finish this job. 2 days ago · A December 2020 meeting of Republican electors in Georgia is a central part of the case against Donald Trump and 18 other people accused of conspiring to overturn Joe Biden's 2020 electoral win in. President Joe Biden is set to sign into law a new bill that the White House says will save lives for Americans in need of an organ transplant. ”Nationwide exit polling data indicates that the percentage of Latino voters who supported President-elect Joe Biden in 2020 was about the same as the percentage who backed Hillary Clinton in …. Ronald Dion DeSantis (/ d ɪ ˈ s æ n t ɪ s, d iː-/; born September 14, 1978) is an American politician serving since 2019 as the 46th governor of Florida. President Joe Biden on the need to build a "new world order", but that it disagrees that the United States is capable of building it. Mark Peterson for The New York Times. Opinion: Biden launches 2024 reelection campaign. Joe Biden in Maryland last week. “We re-elect 75% of our presidents. President Joe Biden will show his support for striking United Auto Workers (UAW. “Due to a wide range of Bobby’s positions, I’m supporting President Biden,” said his sister, Rory Kennedy. President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris on a pavement outside his art school remaining closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic in Mumbai, India, Sunday, Nov. And when California cast its 55 votes for Mr. Sanders, for his vote authorizing the use of military force. Check Astrological predictions on Donald Trump, Joe Biden. Forty-three percent voted for Trump, 32 percent said Biden and. 6 billion over false claims by Fox hosts during the 2020 election that Dominion helped Joe Biden win a fraudulent election over Donald Trump. Former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper tried to tamp down the controversy over the letter that he signed calling The Post's reporting on Hunter Biden's laptop Russian disinformation. The share of Republicans and Republican-leaning independents who believe that President Joe Biden’s 2020 election win was not legitimate has ticked back up, according to a new CNN poll fielded. It pains me to say this, but Joe Biden should run for re-election. The subtle moment spoke volumes about how Biden has managed to clear the field within his own party for a re-election bid that many in his party never wanted. Four decades later, another elder statesman seeks to transform Americans’ ideas about the size of government. Trump’s baseless claims of voter fraud in swing states were thrown out by the courts, one lawsuit after another. Biden has gotten lost on stage so many times that Waze should create a special app for Joe to navigate his next steps. Joe Biden, the Reverse Ronald Reagan. An Indian astrologer has claimed that Donald Trump will win the 2020 US Presidential Election. Joe Biden once joked in 2013 about accepting Chinese help to seek the Oval Office, and the moment was caught on video still viewable on the Obama White House YouTube page. Recent polls from CNN, Quinnipiac and Harris all show Biden’s approval below 40%, his disapproval at 56% or higher or both. Biden Should Not Run Again — and He Should Say He Won’t. Thank you, thank you, thank you. J oe Biden was in his element this week on his genial tour of Ireland, meeting the politicians, meeting the people, being Joe. Joe Biden is leading in the presidential election polls in early October. Former president Barack Obama promises in a White House lunch to do all he can for President Biden’s reelection. According to WPA intelligence, which examined seven national popular vote polls since mid-February, the 76-year-old Trump would lose to Biden by an average of 3. CNN Poll: Biden faces negative job ratings and concerns about his. In Wisconsin, Biden won with 1,630,673 votes. 9 million) than in those won by Trump (130. US 2024 election: Joe Biden announces 2024 presidential run. New 2020 voter data: How Biden won, how Trump kept the race …. Joe Biden makes Scorpio most represented presidential zodiac sign. This means that he has juxtaposing energies blended into …. 1 million excess votes for President Joe Biden were counted in the election. I’ve written some hot takes in my time. According to these astrologers, we're in for a . Joe Biden, horoscope for birth date 20 November 1942, born in. In early January, President Joe Biden called a cabinet meeting in the West Wing of the White House. President Joe Biden escaped Washington for the weekend and head to his Rehoboth Beach, Delaware home. Biden's Disapproval Rating Hits All-Time High. Drawing a parallel between the ongoing Israel-Hamas and Russia-Ukraine wars, US President Joe Biden on Thursday (local time) called for greater support to Israel and Ukraine, asserting that the. Where did it all go right for Biden? Facts blunt Republican attack. 'A chain reaction': how one endorsement set Joe Biden's surge in …. Chris Christie (R) said on Sunday that 2020 presidential candidate Joe Biden “is now officially dead and buried” after the. Terry Bradshaw and Joe Montana went undefeated in each of their Super Bowl starts. Legislation to increase the minimum wage from $7. In the past, the conventional wisdom would be that President Biden faces an uphill battle to win a second term. Trump is not only in a historically strong position for a nonincumbent to win the Republican nomination, but he is in a better position to win the general election than at any point during the. President Joe Biden is expected to launch his 2024 re-election campaign on Tuesday, particularly in the battleground states either candidate will likely need to win back the presidency in 2024. November 2, 2020, 3:25 PM TEL AVIV, Israel—In most countries, predicting election outcomes is the job of pollsters. Joe Biden started the summer with his presidency seeming doomed: he was unpopular, his legislative record derided as unaccomplished. President Biden’s approval rating will be skyrocketing after June 1, 2024, just before the 2024 Presidential Election. Kennedy said he planned to "spoil" the election for both President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump — and if polls that show him pulling as much as 14 percent of the general. President Joe Biden delivers remarks at the White House on March 29, 2022, in Washington, D. Joe Biden – American Politician and Former Vice President of the United States. Just 27 congressional Republicans acknowledge Joe Biden’s win over President Trump a month after the former vice president’s clear victory of more than 7 million votes nationally and a. President Biden caught soaking up the sun after hellish week. Economist: Biden 91% chance of winning; Trump 8%. President Biden invoked what he called seven "common objects we, as Americans, love" in Wednesday's inaugural address. The 2020 Election by the Numbers. Get live polls and voting maps by county and district. Biden thinks he can beat Trump again. A new CNN poll finds 75% of Democratic and Democratic-leaning voters want the party to nominate someone other than President Joe Biden in the 2024 election, a sharp increase from earlier this year. Politico: 279 Biden Electoral College votes; 179 Trump Electoral. Six in 10 Republicans said they’d be angry about a Biden win; 7 in 10 Democrats said the same about a Trump victory. President Joe Biden has a large, accomplished family, who have carried on his political legacy. leadership "holds the world together," President Joe Biden told Americans on Thursday night the country must deepen its support of Ukraine and Israel in the middle of two vastly different, unpredictable and bloody wars. Of those who watched, 48% said Mr Biden was the winner while 41% went for Mr Trump - a similar split to. The conservative televangelist Kenneth Copeland laughed uncontrollably over Joe Biden ’s presidential win this weekend, and panned media outlets who declared him the winner over Donald Trump. From that perspective, 67 million more people lived in counties won by Biden (197. President Joe Biden speaks during an event honoring the legacy of Sen. Mr Biden said on Monday that he "plans" on running again but added that he is "not prepared to announce. Kamala activates Joe’s 7th house (the area of the chart connected to partnership), and vice versa. A brace of new polls suggest that, at least for now, Joe Biden’s lead over President Trump remains pretty stable. Joe Biden was born on November 20, 1942 at 8:30 a. Biden's victory, and the matter in which he won, left many political pundits. The Biden administration has been staffed by confidants of George. The first Times poll of the 2024 election cycle shows a dead heat between President Biden and Donald Trump. Historian Michael Beschloss speaking on MSNBC Wednesday evening said “our children” could be killed if 2020 election deniers win in the midterm elections next week. " Hunter Biden confirmed in a statement last Wednesday that his "tax affairs" are being investigated by the Delaware US attorney's office. Navy diving teams carried out the attack against the Nord Stream pipelines during a top secret mission overseen by President Joe Biden, a bombshell report claims. Donald Trump lost the 2020 presidential election to Joe Biden in Arizona's most populous county, a review of results by his allies in the Republican Party has reaffirmed, capping a widely panned. She was still writing her poem when the U. One UK gambler makes one million pound bet on Joe Biden win. Biden's campaign raised more than $1 billion in 2020, far outpacing Trump's $773 million haul. VP Kamala Harris confident about re-election despite criticism and low approval ratings; assures public she is prepared to take over as . President Joe Biden discussed the Israel-Hamas conflict and other wars in a telephone conversation on Sunday, the Vatican said. January 20, 2025—Inauguration Day. (aka their relationship astrology, a comparison of their birth charts). A wealthy biotech entrepreneur, the 38-year-old has never before run for public office. 2024 United States presidential election. CINCINNATI — President-elect Joe Biden is the first person to win the presidency without carrying Ohio since 1960. In that scenario, Harris would narrowly defeat DeSantis, 40% to 38%. Senate minority leader Mitch McConell has termed Russia, China and Iran as the "Axis of evil. A top Senate Republican has released an FBI document detailing an allegation President Joe Biden and his son accepted bribes from a Ukrainian firm. Exactly one year ago, Cruz told cameras that he “guaranteed” Democrats’ Covid concerns would miraculously disappear should Joe Biden win the election: “If it ends up that Biden wins in November — I hope he doesn’t, I don’t think he will — but if he does, I guarantee you the week after the election, suddenly all those Democratic governors, all …. While Trump is correct that Biden voted for the war. Sanders, appearing on CNN ’s “State of the Union,” told anchor Dana Bash that Biden and Democrats have “got to make it clear that we believe in. Presidential Election Results: Biden Wins. Ted Cruz has struck an ominous tone about three people he says are "Iranian spies" working in the Biden administration, including some who have had access to classified information. Joe Biden, Astrology Prediction for Presidential Election 2020. After the chaos surrounding the 2020 presidential election in the US, Mr Hamilton-Parker correctly predicted Democrat Joe Biden would go. Nostradamus's predictions continue being a source of fascination Credit: Getty. Barack Obama Is Also Scared Shitless That Donald Trump Could Win Another Term: Report. Indian art teacher Sagar Kambli makes paintings of U. The Frenchman, who has accurately predicted some major world events during the 16th century, believed that the current conflict in Eastern Europe could spark a “great war”. comes out for reparations, carving out lane to Biden’s left. Story from Horoscopes An Astrologer Analyzes Joe Biden & Kamala Harris' Chance Of Winning The Election Lisa Stardust Last Updated August 13, 2020, 9:27 AM Photo: Drew Angerer/Getty Images. It's US vs China again as Joe Biden recognises independence of …. 7), Biden pulled ahead in Pennsylvania, giving him the. An old clip of Joe Biden discussing whether he could be corrupted by power took on new significance less than a week before the Nov. Anand Mahindra's post has been 'liked' over 6,000 times and retweeted 710 times on the. US Senate career of Joe Biden. and powerful – line from Joe Biden’s 1/6 speech. A clash between air and water signs show low compatibility between candidates Donald Trump and Joe Biden. [3] Texan voters chose 38 electors to represent them in the Electoral College. Still, taken all together, these transits seem to indicate that Donald Trump is going to have a better day on Nov. And our grandmother when she was alive, she yelled, "No, Joey, spread it. Let’s start with the obvious: Biden is already the oldest president ever, and. Spitting Image Creator Speaks Out After Reboot Loses Its. (AP) India win four gold to begin campaign in style; Astrology. 3 billion for Israel, just a quarter of the $61. President Joe Biden turns 80-years-old on November 20. Benenson is a veteran Democratic adviser who was the pollster on Barack Obama’s 2008 and 2012 presidential campaigns. A migrant holding a sign asking to be let into the country by President Biden near the border crossing in Tijuana, Mexico on February 27, 2021. Five reasons Biden won the election. He wanted to be president for decades, so his desire to keep the Oval. Bernie Sanders and President Donald Trump are both staring into their political graves. Biden won 57% of union households nationwide …. Video of Joe Biden on the Beach Sparks Outrage From Republicans. I think he might win, based on the fact that 2020 is a life path 22 year… he’s in his element right now. America has chosen Democrat Joe Biden as its 46th president, CNN projects, turning at a time of national crisis to a man whose character was forged by aching personal tragedy and who is. The author of a new biography of Joe Biden has said it “wouldn’t be a total shock” if the president cancels his re-election bid by the end of the year. ‘We stand ready’: Joe Biden's support for Israel amid attack and a. This astrology prediction was given by me in my main article, under 2024 Astrology Predictions for President Biden posted on March 1, 2021. US presidential poll: Amid various polls conducted to predict the next US President, astrologers have also expressed their opinion after studying the stars of the main contenders. Jill Biden was previously married to Bill Stevenson. The Republican-led House Oversight Committee subpoenaed a bank for Hunter Biden’s records and obtained two wire transfers from Chinese nationals to Hunter Biden in 2019 that listed President Joe. When former Vice President Joseph Biden Jr. A new poll found that a 64% of Democrats would want a candidate other than Biden to seek the nomination in two years. He also urged Joe Biden to act against them. US President Joe Biden has dropped yet another hint that he will seek re-election in 2024. He and Barack Obama won the election on 4 …. The former president reportedly relayed his fears to Joe Biden in late June. “I support President Biden,” said cousin Patrick Kennedy, a former member of. Haley, 51, who has previously suggested there should be age limits and competency tests for the presidency, made the grisly prediction Wednesday on Fox …. Meanwhile, opinion polls are predicting that Democrat candidate Joe Biden is ahead of Donald Trump, but Donald Trump is stated to be capable of swinging the mood of people in his favour. This table provides an overview of the 2020 presidential election results in the 206 Pivot Counties. will lose the presidential election. Biden repeats same story word. LONDON — European leaders have warmly congratulated Democrat Joe Biden following his projected election win, a victory that comes after four years of fractious relations with President Donald Trump. President Joe Biden delivers remarks on the economy and inflation in the Eisenhower Executive Office. May god bless America and may god protect our troops. President Biden is reportedly “all in” on a second run for the White House in 2024 — with an official announcement to come within weeks. The last Republican to win the White House without winning Florida was. Democratic strategists, such as Sandy Maisel, are skeptical Joe Biden will make inroads regarding his legislative agenda, including the reported priority of immigration reform, given a divided. A Democratic delegate to the Electoral College casts a ballot for President-Elect Joe Biden in Atlanta, Georgia, on December 14, 2020. The poll also indicated that the 45th president would cruise to the GOP nomination if he opted to. Now 80 and already the oldest president in. 1 million ballots and election equipment from Arizona’s most populous county so it can audit results of the 2020 election that saw Democrat Joe Biden win in the state. According to astrologers, Geminis are often known for being fast-talking, social and, in some instances. The Vice President was born during the Waxing Full Moon in Taurus; the Moon was in orbit to reach its exact luminescence, which would occur two days later. WASHINGTON — During a trip to the White House in June, former President Barack Obama made it clear to his former running mate that. Former House Speaker Paul Ryan blasted former President Donald Trump on Wednesday, saying that any Republican “not named Trump” can defeat President Biden in 2024. You are going to see tremendous past life karma and both debts and credits from prior incarnation in the United Kingdom (possibly in Ireland) rise with Kamala Harris. A federal appeals court has upheld the Justice Department’s ability to prosecute January 6, 2021, rioters with an obstruction charge, in a new opinion that is likely to bolster prosecutors. Benenson is a veteran Democratic adviser who was the pollster on Barack Obama's 2008 and 2012 presidential campaigns. Are you with us? Join our campaign to re-elect Joe Biden today!. Justin Trudeau's first win a year in advance when that was totally unforeseen. Some Democrats still aren’t convinced he’s the right guy for 2024. Harding would win the presidency, but die a . It just means that he will finish the day feeling optimistic. He will turn 82 shortly after the 2024 election. Venus moves quickly and by noon on Nov. Now he is the 2020 Democratic presidential nominee and runs for the White House. President Biden holds an ax as he tours the National Interagency Fire Center in Boise, Idaho, September 13, 2021. He appealed to American voters, asking them to help him 'defend democracy'. (NEXSTAR) – Joe Biden just received more votes than any other presidential candidate in U. “Democrats, by contrast, had to win more than simple majorities or pluralities to gain the power they tenuously hold now — if Joe Biden had defeated Donald Trump by any less than 3. " Meanwhile, most of the national and state-level polls are predicting that Democrat candidate Joe Biden is ahead of Donald Trump. President Joe Biden in Washington D. Politics Joe Biden Donald Trump 2024 Election. The astrologer also predicted that Joe Biden would give the Republican incumbent a "neck to neck fight". So as of today, former Vice President Joe Biden is officially the last one standing out of—count ’em—29 (!!!) In astrology, the Moon is connected to emotions. ” (Remember, compulsive liars “prefer to tell the sorts of lies that they think people want to hear. To wit, the US Energy Information Agency just pegged the. Verywell Mind & Shape are partnering together to give you the chance to WIN $25,000 to reset your health & find your bliss on a wellness retreat getaway! Ends. To top off the week, Biden was accused Saturday of “scarring” Hunter’s estranged 4-year-old daughter that he shares with a cut-off ex-stripper. Share prices in the City registered their biggest daily gain in two months amid investor hopes that a Joe Biden victory in the US presidential election would result in a major new stimulus package. Meanwhile, Trump is also hoping to be the Republican candidate for 2024. Biden has often leaned in on the. Season 1: Psychic predictions US Election 2024 - Today we will present to Your attention Our new Ebook and Paperback book :US Election 2024 – Potential candidates , Republicans vs Democrats, Who is the alternative to Trump against Biden ? USA war against Russia. economy, support the middle class and help the country find footing in a challenging post-COVID-19 world. If he were to win that contest, he would be 86 by. Joe Biden ends Ireland tour with passionate address to thousands. "He is in a period of his life where passing and death is imminent," Sharon Sweda said of Joe Biden Some Democrats are concerned over President Joe Biden’s age and ability to function properly. Mr Biden urged Israel not to be “consumed by” rage in the wake of Hamas’s deadly attack on Oct 7 and to avoid making the same mistakes the US did after 9/11. Following a tense week of vote tallying, Joe Biden won the state of Pennsylvania and vaulted ahead in the race to become the next president of the United States. Joe Biden's strongest base of support was the Philadelphia metro area. Donald Trump won the 2nd district despite the incumbent Democratic representative being re-elected. Georgia Presidential Election Results 2020. Yesterday Electoral College electors convened virtually or in person in state capitals across the country to cast their . If those two men are the presidential nominees next year, 43 percent of. ASTROLOGOIST Nostradamus, who is said to have correctly foreseen the Ukraine war, apparently predicted a doomsday World War Three scenario for 2023. vice president with President Barack Obama in 2008 and re-elected in 2012. While he is the oldest person to take office, he is not the richest. Election 2020: Biden defeats Trump. I n December 2006, Vanity Fair published a piece by Michael Lutin, its resident astrologer of 25 years, entitled “Special Alert: Horoscope . Trump [R] Electoral Vote Winner: 306 Main Opponent: 232 Total/Majority: 538/270 Vice President Kamala D. News on Joe Biden, the 45th President of the United States, the vice president under Barack Obama and a senator representing Delaware from 1973-2009. SPECIAL PILLARS OF TRUMP’S BIRTH CHART. Sandipan Deb 4 min read 30 Apr 2023, 11:56 PM IST. Hall of Fame quarterback Joe Montana led the 49ers to their first four Super Bowl wins, with the first com. Why Is Barack Obama’s New Memoir Coming Out After The Election?. Inside the meeting of Republican electors who sought to thwart Biden…. The RealClearPolitics polling average currently shows Mr. "More Americans Happy About Trump Loss Than Biden Win," Nov. To learn more about Joe Biden and his zodiac signs, keep reading for his natal birth chart, using astrology: Joe Biden has four planets, a stellium, in the zodiac sign of Scorpio. Biden’s win in the critical state. Joe Biden will make big bold changes to the US system according to astrology Credit: Reuters The Nine of Cups is a really positive card about dreams come true. Our original story, published on March 1, follows. The former vice president had been the. House of Representatives from 2013 to 2018. " The Republican said that the U. Compare that to the 19 percent who viewed neither. President-elect Joe Biden is the apparent winner of Georgia's presidential race, the first Democrat to win that race in the state since 1992, NBC News projected Friday. Exit polls showed that two-thirds of voters don’t want him to run for reelection. The Biden campaign, the Democratic National Committee and two joint fundraising committees hauled in over $71 million between July 1 and Sept. Earl Plumlee for his actions in Afghanistan on Aug. Amid a global pandemic and the highest voter turnout in more than a century, the presidential race has ended with a victory for Joseph R. US President Joe Biden, on Saturday, spoke to two freed Americans who had been held hostage by Hamas in Gaza and said. The United States unequivocally condemns this appalling assault. Joe Biden thus displays considerable receptivity and availability. That bit of symmetry is unlikely to be mere coincidence. More than 40% of Americans still do not believe that Joe Biden legitimately won the 2020 presidential election despite no evidence of widespread voter fraud, according to a new Axios-Momentive poll. becomes the Democratic Party's official nominee for president on Thursday, he will complete two historic and improbable comebacks. Republicans have carried North Carolina in 11 of the last 13 presidential elections. Stormy Daniels has a classic astrological name. Perhaps the most significant astrological shift taking place this year is that Pluto, planet of death and rebirth, will be moving into. When he took office as the 46th US president, Joe Biden declared that his ascension was the "triumph not of a candidate, but of a cause - the cause of democracy". President Joe Biden has appeared to confirm that he will run for re-election in 2024. Paddy Power is currently offering odds of 11/2 on Biden to win re-election in 2024 and his odds are worse than Florida Joe Biden could get the chance to do it again," Betfair spokesperson Sam. Prior to 1992, the last Democrats to win the state were John F. Joe Biden is projected to become the next president of the United States after an election that was historic, messy, chaotic and uncertain. Kremlin says it agrees with Joe Biden on need for ‘new world …. Tanzina Vega: Throughout this election cycle we've been covering Latino voters and the issues driving their votes in our series called “A Votar. See How America Reacts To Biden's Win : The Picture Show Celebrations erupted in cities from Los Angeles to Boston, including in some of the cities pivotal to President-elect Joe Biden's victory. Days later, the Biden team reported that the president had raised $72 million for the second quarter of 2023 — with. Joe Biden is not up for the Israel-Hamas war challenge — but at least he’s awake for it. Joe Biden called a voter a 'lying, dog-faced pony soldier'. Joe Biden has formally announced his campaign for re-election in 2024, asking Americans for four years to “finish this. And according to Lichtman, Biden’s run for a second. W ith the 2024 election season already under way, Joe Biden has faced questions over whether he is best suited to represent the Democratic party at the top of the ticket next year. president to lose reelection in 28 years. Joe Biden is officially the president-elect of the United States, defeating incumbent Donald Trump in the 2020 Election. As 2022 comes to an end and we await the new year, Rose Smith – who runs the largest psychic network in the southern hemisphere – has offered some insight into what we can expect from the new. [1] Click here to read more about his …. President-Elect Joe Biden Hits 80 Million Votes In Year Of Record Turnout. News of Ossoff's projected win came as Pro-Trump rioters stormed the US Capitol, where members of Congress were meeting to certify President-elect Joe Biden's win. How Joe Biden won the key swing states and secured 2020 …. President Joe Biden has reportedly told former President Barack Obama that he intends to run for re-election in 2024. Considering that the suburbs accounted for just over half of all. Biden tells Israel ‘other team’ to blame for hospital blast. The Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) of 2022 was signed into law by President Biden on Aug. But while Biden leads in polls, the markets and economy don't give him the clear advantage a challenger would typically enjoy. (Reuters) US President Joe Biden on Thursday said Hamas and Russia are both out to “annihilate” democracies, in a speech to the nation from the Oval Office, arguing for more aid to …. ET, Biden brought the pleas he’d been making in private into public view: “I am urging all members to vote for both the rule for consideration of the Build Back Better Act and. Following his popular vote loss to Joe Biden by more than 7 million, his world has collapsed around him. Joe Biden, who early into his presidency said he intended to seek a second term, formally announced he was running for re-election in April, exactly four years after he entered the 2020. was elected the 46th president of the United States. The win in Pennsylvania gave the former vice president enough Electoral College votes to surpass the 270 needed to enter the White House, according to the Associated Press. Long known as a swing state, Colorado has settled into the blue column for the past three presidential elections. Biden's embrace of the seventh — "the truth" — offered a pointed critique. Washington: In his recent book, The Last Politician: Inside Joe Biden’s White House and the Struggle for America’s Future, the journalist Franklin Fowler draws a masterful summary of the US. In fact, this chart shows the January 6th 2021 mob of Trump supporters attacking the United States Capitol on January 6th …. Joe Biden’s son Hunter is a frequent target of the President’s political opponents. Biden Signs Inflation Reduction Act Into Law. Naomi was born in 1971, but died from a car accident that occurred on Dec. Gorman became the youngest inaugural poet in U. Next to a photograph of Biden sleeping at the beach, rapper 50 Cent told Biden to "get up. Poll: A Third of Americans Question Legitimacy of Biden Victory …. " And if someone doesn't like it, that's on them. After months of hinting at a likely bid, President Biden officially announced on Tuesday that he will seek a second term as president of the United States in the 2024 election. Biden’s presidency will likely crash on the shoals of the country’s numerous long-neglected problems. The account features a scary squirrel and frightening video of a creepy Biden handing an innocent bystander a. A Tuesday launch would come exactly. Senator Biden dropped his bid for the White House after a poor showing in the Iowa caucus on 3 January 2008. 5 hours ago · Mac Jones and the New England Patriots picked up their second win of the season on Sunday, defeating the Buffalo Bills 29-25. US President Joe Biden on Wednesday unveiled a deal to allow desperately-needed humanitarian aid to enter war-torn Gaza, where one million. Joe Biden says this policy has failed. US President Joe Biden (Photo: Reuters). President Joe Biden is raising money for his reelection campaign by offering donors the chance to meet himself and Barack Obama, meaning the former president will be entering the 2024 political. The Astrological Compatibility Of Harris and Biden. The Declaration was reported by the committee agreed to by the House and signed by every member present, except Mr. The leader of Africa's most populous nation and biggest economy said Mr Biden's victory came at a "time of uncertainty and fear in world affairs". These are the five reasons the son of a car salesman from Delaware finally won the presidency. com: Biden 87/100 chances of winning; Trump 13/100. President Joe Biden’s path to victory in 2024 runs through voters who think he’s been a disappointment in the White House — but say Donald Trump or another Republican would. What Are His Chances For 2024?. He also said he was able to predict that Joe Biden would defeat Donald Trump in the US election. Joe Biden has solidified his move to the White House after winning 306 electoral college votes, which is overwhelmingly more than the. Both of their charts support a win. Birth Details of Joe Biden are as per given below: Date of Birth: November 20, 1942, Birth Day: Friday, Birth Time: 08:00:00 hrs, Birth Place: Scranton, Pennsylvania, USA Joe Biden may have has to mend his position on important. The election of 2024 promises to be the most significant in our nation's history to date. In this latest poll, 78 percent of Democrats. Two of the four Super Bowl wins were won consecutively in 1989 and 1990. The 2024 presidential race has taken shape, with former President Joe Biden seeking reelection and President Donald Trump mounting a comeback bid for the . And nearly half of registered voters (46%) say that any Republican presidential nominee would be a better choice than Biden in 2024. The Republican incumbent was poised to win. president Donald Trump during the first seven months of Trump's term. Astrologers are predicting the change will open a bright future. Speaking to thousands of supporters in Wilkes. He lost his eldest son, Beau, to brain cancer at 46 and his 1-year-old daughter, Naomi, in a 1972 car crash. Joe Biden used the letter during the October 22 debate against Donald Trump, saying he thought the reporting around his son's abandoned computer was the work of Russia. "Joe's moon ignites Kamala's eleventh. Bernie Sanders says Joe Biden will win in 2024 if he runs on a "strong progressive agenda" 08:13 With the 2024 presidential race beginning to unfold, Sen. Already the oldest president in history - Joe Biden would be 86 at the end of a second term. It remains to be seen how graceful or messy an exit Donald Trump will choose over his lame-duck period. As per the study of his stars and planets, and after calculating his birth details, numerologists have claimed that Biden will have an action-packed few months in his political career. The 2024 United States presidential election will be the 60th quadrennial presidential election, scheduled for Tuesday, November 5, 2024. history – but new betting odds show he isn’t the favorite to win again in 2024. That was 20,608 more votes than Trump, who garnered 1,610,065 votes, per a state website. Joe Biden was elected the 47th U. A member of the Democratic Party from the state of Delaware, Biden was first elected to the Senate in 1972, and was sworn into office at the age of 30; he was later reelected six times and is Delaware's longest-serving U. Biden and Trump, who is currently leading the Republican primary field, are currently favored to win their respective party’s nominations. New Polls Suggest the Presidential Race Is Still Joe Biden’s to Lose. According to polls, former President Donald Trump is leading President Joe Biden in Pennsylvania for the. In 2024, as the United States prepares for the 2024 presidential elections on November 16, astrologers in Europe turn their gaze to the sky to understand . United States President Joe Biden on Friday said his administration was “working like hell” to rescue American hostages held by Palestine-based militant group Hamas. —For half a century, across three presidential runs he made and three more he thought about making, Joe Biden had never won a single. President-elect Joe Biden's 2020 vote total shatters the 2008 record of 69. Conspiracy theorists who, months after the 2020 election, still falsely claim voter fraud affected. Biden would likely win the money race again. C enk Uygur, co-founder of the Young Turks, said he's running against President Joe Biden out of fear Biden will lose in. A 2024 rematch between President Biden and former President Trump would be a virtual dead heat, according to a new poll from Emerson. Stephen Kevin Bannon (born November 27, 1953) is an American media executive, political strategist, and former investment banker. Blame Joe Manchin or Mitch McConnell or the antivaxxers, but Biden’s poll numbers have been deeply underwater since August. The James Webb Space Telescope has produced unforgettable images of stars and galaxies dating back to the earliest days of the universe. Thus, it would be a fruitless venture to impeach Joe Biden much like the two Democratic attempts to impeach Donald Trump. The nine key swing states have been crucial in the election, with Pennsylvania finally tipping the balance to win an electoral college majority for the Democrats. With a majority of the results now declared in the US presidential election, it is clear that while Biden won. Live updates with reaction and analysis. Joe Biden won in California. Link Copied! CNN's Harry Enten discusses the latest approval polling for President Biden, which shows him at an all-time low. The latest RealClearPolitics polling average shows a grim record of. Florida has voted Republican in 12 of the last 17 presidential elections (dating back to 1952). He won 48% of the male vote, up from Clinton’s 41%, and 40% of White men. Multiple instances were recorded and shared across social media throughout. Mr Biden, 80, indicated on Monday he plans to run for president in 2024. October 26th, 2020 Disclaimer - This post in its entirety is my astrological opinion based on the chart reading as described below. Biden has had some bad months, to be sure, but there is no way to get around the fact the last month or so has been stellar for the administration. Claim: Eric Coomer, director of product strategy and security for Dominion Voting Systems, bragged about rigging the 2020 election against Donald Trump in an antifa conference call. There's also a sparkling connection in the way Biden and Harris' sun and moon, known as the luminaries in astrology, light up each other's zodiac charts. No wonder Penthouse named her (main …. 28, 2013, during an event in the East Room of the White House, Thursday, Dec. 51 to win** *includes independents **vice-president (Dem) Joe Biden, controlled both chambers of Congress, but by very narrow margins. Joe Montana, one of football’s greatest stars, led the San Francisco 49ers to four Super Bowl championships during the 1980s. Joe Biden, who is mid-air and en route to Tel Aviv, said he is 'outraged' at the hospital attack. Once again, using the only reliable American astrology chart, the success of President Joe Biden and Vice-President Kamala Harris was something I predicted on 19 th October 2020 in a front-page story for The Daily Mail. Donald Trump has called President Joe Biden an "enemy of the state" at his first rally since the FBI searched his Florida resort for sensitive files. Although I could list several Democrats I’d prefer should Biden somehow falter. 01°28' add Hunter Biden to 'my astro' Hunter Biden (2013) photo: Center for Strategic & International Studies, license cc-by-3. Biden used his second primetime Oval Office address to urge passage of the combined package, which would be $14. On the economic front, as of Wednesday, gas. com also asked respondents if aliens attacked Earth, who do they think we would be safer under, Joe Biden or Donald Trump. Biden has faced consistent criticism, including from Mr. As NPR's Domenico Montanaro has put it, "just 44,000. In his astrology birth chart, Joe Biden has four planets, or a stellium in the zodiac sign. Gretchen Whitmer, shown with former President Barack Obama last October, helped Joe Biden win Michigan, claimed her own reelection by double-digits and flipped the state Legislature. Our live coverage of the Georgia. This is the first in a series of profiles on the Democratic presidential candidates. Inflation has been a millstone around Biden’s neck. With a victory in Pennsylvania, Joe Biden secured his win over Donald Trump, the first U. Polls released in recent days have raised questions about the chances of Joe Biden winning a second term. Biden handily carried Maine's 1st. He is a founding partner of investment and advisory firm Rosemont Seneca …. But in today’s volatile, polarized political environment — in which Mr. Here's a brief snapshot of one of those charts, that of Presidential candidate, former vice-president Joe Biden. WASHINGTON, DC – OCTOBER 21: U. 0 point margin because Biden is the incumbent and he has not (yet. US President Joe Biden speaks from the Oval Office of the White House. Last modified on Thu 17 Sep 2020 10. There's a famous quip by boxer Mike Tyson - that "everybody has a plan until they get punched in the mouth" - and it's applicable to politics. Neil Kinnock on Biden’s plagiarism 'scandal' and why he deserves to win: ‘Joe’s an honest guy' In a 1987 Democratic primary debate, Biden sprinkled Kinnock’s phrases into his own speech. Tethered together, Biden and Harris move toward 2024 re. A Facebook post that’s been circulating recently says that only 30% of Americans think Joe Biden actually won the 2020 p. Joe Biden Worries That China Might Win. This 2020 US election astrology prediction looks at the astrology of election day to explain the extreme polarization and civil unrest this . No surprise that last week, Democrats on the committees ran. 4, 2020, "'Democracy prevailed': Joe Biden passes 270-vote threshold to win Electoral College". President Joe Biden is “healthy” and remains “fit to successfully execute the duties of the presidency,” his doctors said Friday after he underwent a routine physical exam and colonoscopy. With California’s 55 electoral votes, Biden crossed the 270-vote threshold needed to win the White House, a milestone that moves him one procedural step closer to his inauguration on 20 January. US President Joe Biden gave a rare prime-time address to the nation from the Oval Office tonight in which he spoke about the country's response to the ongoing conflicts in Israel and Ukraine, as. Are Joe Biden and Kamala Harris compatible as running mates? Astrologically, very much so—here's how. Other than a positive ascendant, the strongest pillars of his horoscope are 10th, 2nd and 11th house, indicating sure-shot success and fortune. What Biden & Harris Zodiac Signs Mean For Election 2020. Mahmoud Abbas, the Palestinian Authority President, has canceled a planned meeting with Joe Biden following a strike on a Gaza hospital. " Reach Joey Garrison on Twitter @joeygarrison. And if someone doesn't like it, that's on them. He is an arsonist promising to rescue us from the world he set on fire. The astrologers and numerologists, however, have refused to comment on who will be the ultimate winner, claiming that no study can give that answer 100% correctly. Joe Biden passes the 1,991 delegate threshold and will take on Donald Trump for the presidency. weighed in Tuesday morning after President Joe. Year 2021 President Biden is going through honeymoon period right now. President Joe Biden delivers remarks at an event honoring the 2023 National Teacher of the Year held in the Rose Garden at the White House on April 24, 2023 Win McNamee/Getty Images). Xi Jinping and his Communist cronies should celebrate Joe Biden’s recent. Storms are associated with Jupiter (thunder) and Uranus (lightning) and the history of her drama with Donald Trump involves both planets. At certain times, Joe Biden is overwhelmed by a feeling of subtle confusion related to a need for “something else. Joe Biden beats Donald Trump to win US election Joe Biden has won the presidency by clinching Pennsylvania and its 20 electoral votes, the AP has just announced. Sunday Donald Trump election: Astrologer predicts WIN but claims Democrats 'steal presidency' DONALD TRUMP will narrowly clinch victory from his rival Joe Biden today, who according to one. The team captured the Lombardi Trophy in 1982, 1985, 1989, 1990 and 1995. Regardless of who becomes president, he will face many problems in 2021, beginning with the opposition of people in his inner circles. By almost any historic yardstick, President Joe Biden is beginning the reelection campaign he formally announced today in a. Congress confirmed Joe Biden’s victory, defying a mob that stormed the Capitol after being egged on by President Trump. Astrology says they're capable of both seeing eye-to-eye and challenging one another. Jabin Botsford / The Washington Post via Getty Images. Kamala Harris, who serves as his Vice. President Joe Biden and Nordic leaders came together Thursday to cap off a critical European trip for a summit that carried heavy symbolism both at home and abroad about the president’s vision. The Biden-⁠Harris Administration Immediate Priorities · COVID-19 · Climate · Racial Equity · Economy · Health Care · Immigration · Restoring America's Global Standing. Biden gets temporary Supreme Court win on social media case but Justice Alito warns of 'censorship' In a dissent, conservative Justice Samuel Alito warned of 'government censorship' and called the. Chris Whipple, author of The Fight of His Life: Inside Joe Biden’s White House, said of the 2024 campaign: “He’ll probably take a page from the playbook of the 2022 midterms. The audience murmured with excitement as Weingarten warned President Joe Biden's horoscope is "very, very, very challenging" and is "the exact opposite of Trump's horoscope in 2016. A lot of astrologers have been taking to the social media platforms to predict whether it will the President Donald Trump continuing his stay in the White House or will the US have Joe Biden as the 46th President of the United States of America. A recent poll suggested Michelle Obama would have greater support than President Joe Biden in the 2024 election. What the American people can expect during the presidential term of President Biden, when the country is facing three big …. Debt ceiling suspended until 2025. Presidential inauguration at the western front of the U. History was made on August 11 at 4:15 p. Photograph by Alex Wong / Getty. 2020 US Election Prediction. President Joe Biden’s reckless energy policies, including a relentless war on US oil, have now seriously undercut national security. He posted, "Hey Joe, get the f**k up, we're in trouble, man!" Other netizens also slammed Biden, and one user wrote, "While Americans are still being held hostage by Hamas terrorists, Joe Biden is. A day after midterm Election Day with no definitive answer about which party will control Congress, President Joe Biden hailed a "good night" but he has immense challenges. Story from Horoscopes An Astrologer Analyzes Joe Biden & Kamala Harris’ Chance Of Winning The Election Lisa Stardust Last Updated August 13, 2020, 9:27 AM Photo: Drew Angerer/Getty Images. Joe Biden's campaign team joined Donald Trump's social media platform Truth Social on Monday, spending the first 12 hours trolling the former president. What the election map will look like if there’s a. Florida general election results 2020, including electoral votes for Trump and Biden, voting maps by county and district, and live polling results. How Biden Cleared the Field for His 2024 Re. Statewide, Biden won 94% of Black voters and 76% of Latino voters. President Biden 'planning on running' in 2024 US election. Live 2020 Texas election results and maps by country and district. Cricket-crazy India is looking skywards to discover if their players are shaping up to bring home the World Cup after the April 28 final. Joe Biden Wins the Presidential Election. 9% margin in the city in 2016, but still better than Kerry's 61. 07% margin over Trump, improving over Hillary Clinton's 3% win margin in 2016. By Lisa Stardust Published: Nov 13, 2020 Save Article As an astrologer, I couldn't help but wonder what the stars might say about the future after Joe Biden and Kamala Harris won the 2020 Presidential Election. President Joe Biden launched his reelection campaign on Tuesday, exactly four years after announcing his 2020 run. Despite Biden’s 30-point win in Virginia, Sanders still won 55 percent of younger voters. Biden won South Carolina – and days later, Super Tuesday – after Jim Clyburn, the highest-ranking African American Democrat in Congress, backed him. That Might Not Matter in 2024. Singh is one of the few Vedic Astrologers in the west who is experienced and practiced in . Then-President Barack Obama sits with then Vice-President Joe Biden and his son Hunter at a basketball game in 2010 Mr Trump pressing a foreign leader to investigate discredited allegations. The meeting of the electors has become a key element in the prosecution of Trump and 18 others in Georgia. Today’s Paper; Yet to read The New York Times or listen to Joe Biden, With Biden win, some Iranians lose hope ayatollahs will fall. Presidential transition of Joe Biden. Within months, however, Republicans and. The Globe & Mail recently published an article about exchange-traded funds to buy if the Democrats and Joe Biden win. The Biden administration must not let weapons sanctions against Iran lapse and instead work with Europe to restore these critical embargoes, columnists Andrea Stricker and Behnam Ben Taleblu write. Attempt to bar Marjorie Taylor Greene from Congress can proceed, judge says. Joe Biden dug two big holes on Super Tuesday and each of them came with a name attached. More people have already returned. Terry Bradshaw and Joe Montana are tied for second place, with for victories each. Graphic: How members of Congress voted on counting the electoral college. POLITICO's coverage of 2020 races for President, Senate, House, Governors and Key Ballot Measures. Presidency Portrait President Party Election Vice President 1: April 30, 1789 – March 4, 1797: George Washington: Unaffiliated: 1788–89: John Adams: 1792. Now he's suddenly on a winning streak. Niko Kommenda, Antonio Voce, Frank Hulley-Jones, Anna Leach and Seán. David Cameron has strongly indicated he thinks a Joe Biden win in the US election would be a good outcome for the UK and wider world, calling Donald. President Joe Biden is following a strategy of asymmetrical warfare as the 2024 presidential race takes shape. Independents were about as likely to be angry at either, though slightly more. The meeting was due to take place in Amman, Jordan on. Now, with President Biden announcing his reelection bid, Rosenberg is similarly arguing that despite Biden’s age and anemic approval ratings, he is in a strong position to win in 2024 — and. The Democrats will nominate Joe Biden for the presidential race. Several of his opponents got out and endorsed him and he sailed to victory, winning 10 of the big primaries on Super. November is Native American Heritage Month and numerous states are participating in this observance. Nostradamus’ SEVEN chilling 2022 predictions: From death. In astrology, opposite Rising signs are often considered “ideal” for compatibility. President-elect Joe Biden is delivering remarks to the nation tonight from Wilmington, Delaware, after the Electoral College affirmed his win over President Trump. When Barack Obama carried Colorado in 2008 and 2012, he was only the. Feng Shui and Bazi analysis, articles, posts and predictions by Laurent Langlais, one of the leading Feng Shui expert and Bazi astrologer . Damon Winter/The New York Times. At the age of 78, Mr Biden will be the oldest president in American history. President Joe Biden ’s aides privately acknowledge a rematch with Donald Trump in 2024 could be his best path to reelection, but they are terrified by what would happen if he lost – which. The San Francisco 49ers have won the Super Bowl five times. A vote for Joe Biden is really a vote for the risky adventure of President Kamala Harris. Unlike previous presidential transitions, which normally take place during the roughly 10-week period between the election in the first week of November and the inauguration on January 20, Biden's presidential transition was shortened somewhat …. Find your bookmarks in your Independent Premium section, under my profile. The former president is definitely running in 2024 and will easily win the Republican nomination and retake the White House, Dick Morris claims in a new book. By Lisa Stardust Published: Nov 13, 2020 Save Article As an astrologer, I couldn’t help but wonder what the stars might say about the future after Joe Biden and Kamala Harris won the 2020 Presidential Election. President Joe Biden delivers a prime-time address to the nation about from the Oval Office of the White House in Washington, U. People gather to celebrate in Philadelphia, Nov. State-by-state maps and results. The US Congress has formally confirmed Joe Biden's victory Local media said Ashli Babbitt was a San Diego-area US Air Force veteran and Trump supporter. Early polls suggest Biden vs Trump in 2024 could be. "His election is a reminder that. TAGS US presidential poll Donald Trump Joe Biden Astrological predictions. This election will be characterized . Ron DeSantis sits at 25% support among the same voters. On 26 December 2006, Senator Biden threw his hat in the ring hoping to win the Democratic nomination in the 2008 race for President. Twitter was directly involved in tilting an election. After months of prognosticating and tons of built-up anticipation, the day is finally upon us: President Biden has announced that he’s seeking a second term in 2024. By Lisa Stardust Published: Nov 13, 2020 Save Article As an astrologer, I couldn’t help but wonder what the stars might say about the future after Joe Biden and Kamala Harris won the 2020 Presidential …. As Mr Biden also leads the national popular vote on 50. Two forecasts by eminent astrologer and tarot card reader from India have forecast that by 2023 the presidency of Joe Biden will end and . It wasn’t quite a “blue wave,” but Democratic candidate Joe Biden ultimately prevailed to become the next president of the US. A CBS News/YouGov poll taken straight afterwards suggested it was a good night for Mr Biden. The audience murmured with excitement as Weingarten warned President Joe Biden’s horoscope is “very, very, very challenging” and is “the exact opposite of Trump’s horoscope in 2016. Anand Mahindra himself predicted a huge rise in the astrologer's popularity should Donald Trump win the 2020 US Presidential Election. Members of the US electoral college have affirmed Joe Biden's presidential election victory, one of the final steps required for him to take office. Senate, House, and Governor Election results also available at ABCNews. Naomi Biden was the daughter of Vice President Joe Biden. The Astrologer Who Called the Election on TikTok Shares What’s Next for 2020 TikTok’s go-to astrologer, Maren Altman, unpacks …. For the past five presidential cycles, they have shown up to the polls at. Right-leaning independent voters worry former President Donald Trump will lose again to Democratic President Biden if he wins the GOP nomination, according to an analysis from a pro-Ron DeSantis PAC. Biden makes prime-time case for US assistance to Israel and Ukraine · PHOTO: President Joe Biden speaks during a meeting with Israeli Prime .